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Universitatea "Athenaeum" din Bucureşti

Universitatea "Athenaeum" din Bucureşti

Universitatea "Athenaeum" din Bucureşti


"Athenaeum" University of Bucharest was founded in 1990 as a private institution of higher education, non-profit and became a legal entity of private law and public utility, part of the National Education System, by Law 135/24 May 2005 and re-accredited in 2009 following the institutional evaluation by ARACIS, with the qualification “TRUST”.

Throughout the trajectory of the activity, marked by the 30 years of existence, the entire attention of the University management was focused on the content of education, on ensuring the size and structure of knowledge always in accordance with the educational supply-demand equation, itself in permanent dynamics in the internal space. European, international.


  • Sector 2

    Sector 2, Romania