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Università del Salento Master in Coastal and Marine Biology and Ecology
Università del Salento

Master in Coastal and Marine Biology and Ecology

Lecce, Italy

2 Years


Full time

29 Apr 2024

Sep 2024

EUR 1,300 / per year *


* tuition fees €1000; additional costs: €300. Contact us for scholarships info


Designed for students passionate of Biodiversity and Ecosystems, the Coastal and Marine Biology and Ecology (CMBE). The course delivers qualified education on fundamental and applied biological and ecological marine sciences, integrating eScience and more traditional approaches with the aim of understanding the fundamental ecological mechanisms underlying phenomena occurring at various scales in coastal, transitional, and marine ecosystems.

CMBE is a two-year, second-level course. It offers two alternative curricula: Marine Biology and Ecology (MBE) focusing on theoretical and experimental multidisciplinary training in marine biology and marine ecosystem sciences or E-Biodiversity and Ecosystem Sciences (EBES). Focusing on the theoretical foundations of biodiversity organization and ecosystem functioning and devoted to the issue of eco-informatics, recognizing the biodiversity-ecosystem nexus as an information enterprise, requiring analytical and synthetic capabilities in the generation of services for solving environmental challenges (climate change, emerging ecosystem threats, biodiversity loss, waning natural resources) and the promotion of sustainability.

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