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Universidade de Vigo Interuniversity Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics
Universidade de Vigo

Interuniversity Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics

Vigo, Spain

2 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

EUR 739 *


* EU: €591.00 - Non-EU: €738.75


This master's degree is designed to offer students a solid training in linguistics, both theoretical and applied. The module of compulsory subjects provides the student with the necessary theoretical and practical base to carry out any type of Final Master's Project in Linguistics. The modules of optional subjects allow the student to specialize in the desired fields. We want to train highly qualified specialists in linguistics, who know how to develop in multidisciplinary environments, have communication skills, know and use specific languages, master the virtual environment and new technologies, and know how to manage and organize information, as demanded by the labor market. The master's degree is also designed as a period of prior training to access a doctoral program in the linguistic field.

The essentially applied nature of the master's degree that we propose will be, we believe, one of the main reasons for its success. In recent years, we have witnessed a rapid evolution, both at a European and global level, in the field of applied linguistics. There are more and more fields in which theoretical research on language finds application. From the traditional field of language teaching to the most current field of business communication, a large number of linguists today dedicate their efforts to achieving a specialization that allows them to face the development of specific professional tasks. To respond to the new challenges of modern society and the needs of the labor market, new professions were spontaneously generated, such as linguistic and intercultural mediators, experts in business communication, computer lexicographers, pedagogical advisers, linguistic advisers for the deaf community, etc. The teaching, research and professional experience of the faculty involved in the master's degrees from which it comes led them to propose innovative training that can prepare our students for the world of research, but also for the business world.

This title has a very relevant academic interest, since it allows the student body, depending on their origin (graduates or graduates in languages, philology, communication, psychology, sociology, translation, advertising, etc.), to acquire or reinforce advanced linguistic training. (compulsory course module, with methodological and fundamental subjects) and specializes in one of the essentially applied specialties into which the optional subjects are grouped.

The student body must carry out professional practices, conceived as the first step for their labor insertion. To carry out these practices, there is the support of the framework agreements signed by the participating universities and the implementation of specific agreements. Some of the agreements currently in force are listed below: Alexandre Bóveda Cultural Association, Alvarellos Editora, González-Garcés Library, Emilia Pardo Bazán House-Museum, Galician Supercomputing Center (CESGA), Red Cross, Netbiblo Editorial, Ferrol Gestión Sports, Galebook, Hércules de Ediciones, Imaxin Software, La Opinión, MACUF (Museum of Contemporary Art), Internet Manufactures (, Meubook, Netex Knowledge Factory SL, Betanzos City Hall Linguistic Normalization Service, Normalization Service Linguistics of the City Council of A Coruña, Urco Editora, School of Hospitality (A Barcia/Santiago), Editorial Obradoiro and Television de Galicia.

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