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Universidade de Aveiro Master in Computer and Telematics Engineering
Universidade de Aveiro

Master in Computer and Telematics Engineering

Aveiro, Portugal

2 Years

English, Portuguese

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Master in Computer and Telematics Engineering

The MECT aims to provide solid training in the fields of specialization of computer systems, information technology and telecommunications. It intends to train engineers capable of performing functions of planning, design, development and research of computational and connectivity systems and infrastructures, both for high performance and for specific applications, in areas as important today as cyber-physical systems, 5G telecommunications networks, data centers, wireless local area networks and sensor networks, among others. These are fundamental technological and knowledge areas in fields as important today as smart cities, mobility, the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and other vertical use cases, based on the Cloud and virtualized solutions, where flexibility, agility , sustainability and energy efficiency are increasingly essential.

Traditional computer courses typically abstract, through a very simplistic perspective, the architectures of computer systems and communications infrastructures, which support the execution of applications. MECT, on the other hand, without neglecting fundamental aspects of software applications and computer systems, pays special attention to the structure and performance of computing and connectivity infrastructures. This aspect is particularly important so that systems can be built with adequate performance, energy efficient and economically viable, aspects that are increasingly important for sustainable development.


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