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Universidad Nebrija

Universidad Nebrija

Universidad Nebrija


Since its creation, Nebrija University has maintained the differentiating values of its educational model, based on quality teaching and on research as knowledge creation, with comprehensive training in the skills, competences, and abilities of all its students. These are key principles to achieve the development of individual talent and the best opportunities for professional integration.

We have a "Learn by Doing" philosophy, which becomes a unique university experience. It is a vital experience in the transformation of the student towards global knowledge, in order to star and lead the changes in which he/she is immersed. The "Nebrija" student focuses on the construction of knowledge for life's important challenges.

Also, there is a firm commitment between the University and companies for the development of training in professional skills, which guarantees quality internships for the student, in order to achieve his/her ambition to grow in life and intellectually during the university phase.

The Board of Trustees of Nebrija University and the Academic Councils, made up of relevant personalities, link their knowledge and prestige to the study and research programs. Nebrija University students know how to fully articulate their knowledge and skills within the national and international society in which they will carry out their professional skills.

Universidad Nebrija

What sets Nebrija University apart?

  • Employability and orientation towards the profession, with internships in companies and institutions for 100% of the students.
  • Academic Excellence with personalized teaching in small groups, the closeness between teachers and students, and the meeting of relevant people from the academic and professional world.
  • Internationalization with bilingualism of international students in Madrid and with programs abroad, one of the essential experiences before finishing the studies.
  • Pedagogical innovation with spaces of knowledge and employment to be creative, enterprising, and interact in the university with all sectors, such as that of the automobile, performing arts, international relations, communication, etc.

Who was Antonio de Nebrija

Elio Antonio Nebrija was born in Lebrija (Seville) - hence his pseudonym - in 1441. He studied Humanities at the University of Salamanca and continued his philological studies in Bologna, where he interacted with Italian humanism. His teaching began at the University of Salamanca, to which he devoted a large part of his life. Summoned by Cardinal Cisneros, he went to the University of Alcalá to participate in the publishing of the Polyglot Bible, a project he abandoned due to differences with the group of translators. The last years of his life were spent teaching at the University of Alcalá, where he died in 1522.

The illustrious humanist struggled throughout his life to recover the cultured Latin spoken by Cicero and Quintilian and that was being lost in favor of vulgar speech. For this, he based it on the natural method, which started from a good knowledge of the Romance language -the language of the people-, as the best means to avoid losing that cultured Latin.

Among his works the following stand out: Introductiones latinae (1481), Lexicon latino-castellanum et castellano-latinum (1492), Gramática castellana (1492) and Reglas de orthographia en la lengua castellana (1517). Of all of them, the most important, for the repercussion that it has had in Hispanic philology, is that on Castilian Grammar, which is the first codification of a modern language, and whose prologue is dedicated to Queen Isabel the Catholic.

Internal Quality Assurance System

The Internal Quality Assurance System is the set of documented processes necessary to manage and control the proper development of the daily activity of Antonio de Nebrija University. Through the IQAS, the needs are analyzed, the processes are defined and a follow-up is maintained, all while ensuring continuous improvement.

This makes the Internal Quality Assurance System a living document, which must be revised and adapted as the organization or its activities change.

It is a unique system that encompasses all the centers and schools of which it is composed, as well as their corresponding processes. It was prepared by the Technical Unit for Quality (TUQ), under the University Rectorate, with the collaboration of all departments, both academic and administrative, from which it is structured. For this, TUQ has taken into consideration the guidelines promoted by ANECA through the AUDIT Program, which aims to guide Universities in the design of Quality Internal Assurance Systems.

Universidad Nebrija

Awards / Rankings

The commitment of Nebrija University to academic excellence, training in leading companies, innovation in multidisciplinary programs and international education, place Nebrija University in the top positions of the most important university rankings.

Nebrija University is a safe choice and the data confirms it.

The rankings recognize Nebrija University to be at a high university performance, a consequence of our differentiating elements:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Employability
  • International Orientation


  • U-Ranking 2018 of the BBVA Foundation and the Economic Research Institute (IVIE).
  • QS Stars International Ranking - QS World University Rankings 2019.
  • University Transparency Ranking 2018 of the Commitment and Transparency Foundation.
  • Recognition of the Secretariat of Higher Education, Science, Technology, and Innovation of Ecuador (SENESCYT).
  • Global Ranking CEO Magazine - MBA Program of Nebrija Business School.
  • Global TOP 100 Best Masters in the field of Entrepreneurship.
  • Recognition of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China.
  • Madri+d Foundation - DOCENTIA – NEBRIJA Model.
  • Ranking of 250 Master’s Degree Programs by El Mundo - Two degrees from Nebrija University stand out in the classification.
  • CYD Ranking - from the Fundación de Conocimiento y Desarrollo (Knowledge and Development Foundation).

Universidad Nebrija


  • Madrid

    Calle de Santa Cruz de Marcenado,27, 28015, Madrid

  • Berzosa

    Calle del Hostal, 28248 Hoyo de Manzanares, Madrid, Spain, 42351, Berzosa

    • Madrid

      Calle de Santa Cruz de Marcenado, 27, 28015, Madrid