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Universidad Nacional de Misiones


Quality higher education brings benefits both to the university , to society and to graduates . For the latter , quality translates into benefits such as greater job opportunities , an upward career path, social recognition and acceptable remuneration. This leads to greater social mobility, which will generate a better quality of life and a more responsible management in decision-making, since the graduate feels committed to society and decides to return the individual benefits received to it.

Graduate education plays a strategic role in our society, because it is a tool to overcome the inequities, open spaces intelligent and responsible solidarity, develop the economy, promote the advancement of science and technology, promote cultural values, rebuild social fabric and the interrelationships between the different sectors , contribute with them , to increase the quality of life of citizens .

Under this concept the strategic role played by the Graduate Program will develop the Universidad Nacional de Misiones . In the planning process of the Institutional Development Plan of 2018-2022 UNaM, articulated in the work of all units, was taken as a priority include graduates. In the strategic axis of development political-institutional line of action 5, it was established Strengthening the links with graduates, defining a series of objectives and expected results include seeking graduate at the institutional level.

The main challenge will be to promote the genuine participation of graduates in the institutional life of the UNaM and assume the commitment to develop actions that generate synergies and contributions to the University, to society and allow the human and professional growth of its graduates .


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