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Universidad Nacional De Los Comechingones

Universidad Nacional De Los Comechingones

Universidad Nacional De Los Comechingones


That initial dream materialized, first, in a bill that was materialized finally with the sanction of the law creating the National University of the Comechingones by the National Congress. Subsequently, a team of expert advisors, academics, professionals, members of civil society, and citizens worked together in the realization of the Educational Project Institutional, in which we shape the University we want. In it underlies the primary objective of developing the capacity for expression, observation, reasoning, and the decision of the students, stimulating the formulation of own judgment, scientific training and research, and a critical spirit, in favor of the comprehensive development of their personality, as well as principles of professional ethics and values humanitarian. From this conception, our University is called to be an instrument for the promotion and development of education and the cultures of the nation, with the democratic, ethical and supportive spirit established by the National Constitution, seeking at all times the respect and defense of fundamental rights and the nondiscrimination, real equality of opportunity and fellowship.


  • Villa de Merlo

    Héroes del Malvinas,S/N, D5881, Villa de Merlo