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Universidad Nacional De Formosa Argentina

Universidad Nacional De Formosa Argentina

Universidad Nacional De Formosa Argentina


University life in Formosa appears with the creation of the National University of the Northeast, (UNNE -on December 14, 1956, by Decree-Law No. 22,229), as a university center for the entire region that included the provinces of Chaco, Corrientes, Misiones, and Formosa.

In reality, university activity would only begin in Formosa with an agreement signed between the Government of the Province and the National University of the Northeast. Later, on March 26, 1971, an Agreement was signed by which the Formosa University Institute was created, which began its activity on April 21, 1971.

the old structure according to Rectorate Resolution No. 0375 of March 14, 1974, based on the aforementioned Ministerial Resolution. By Resolution of the Rectorate No. 2082 of September 1976, the operation of the existing academic units (University Institute, Faculty of Agricultural Education Sciences, and Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources) is unified in the Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources, in which It would dictate in a stable manner, the Forest Engineering career, implementing various full-term careers according to emerging needs.

Other university activities were aimed at agents who were already working in these areas. Such was the case of the career of Public Administration Technician or Banking Technician.

The term dictation of the Professors whose registration was carried out in the period between 1970 and 1974 was due to the need to meet specific demands for people who were inactivity, although registration for these careers was open to other applicants.

In 1984, the Teaching Staff began to function, among the careers established by the Agreement. In 1986, the Teaching Staff in Differentiated Education and the Teaching Staff in Biology began as stable careers, which continue to the present.


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