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Universidad De La Serena

Universidad De La Serena

Universidad De La Serena


The Mission of the University of La Serena's mission is to cultivate, generate, develop and transmit superior knowledge in the various areas of knowledge and domains of culture, through teaching, research, creation, innovation, university extension, and link with the environment.

As its own and distinctive feature of its mission, the University of La Serena must contribute to meeting the needs of the general interests of society, collaborating, as an integral part of the State, in all those policies, plans, and programs that promote cultural development, social, territorial, artistic, scientific, technological, economic and sustainable in the country, at the national and regional level, with an intercultural perspective.

Likewise, as a constitutive and unavoidable element of its mission, the University must assume with a vocation of excellence the training of people with a critical and reflective spirit, who promote rational dialogue and tolerance, and who contribute to forging citizenship inspired by ethical values, democratic, civic and social solidarity, respectful of human rights, gender equality, indigenous peoples and the environment.

The University must promote that its students have a connection with the requirements and challenges of the country and its region during their professional training.

The University of La Serena recognizes, promotes, and incorporates as part of its work the worldview of the native peoples settled in its area of ​​regional influence.


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