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Universidad Autonoma De Tlaxcala

Universidad Autonoma De Tlaxcala

Universidad Autonoma De Tlaxcala


The Autonomous University of Tlaxcala is a decentralized public service body, with legal personality, its own assets and, full autonomy in its economic and administrative legal regime, which together with the constant updating of study plans and programs of the different undergraduate and graduate degrees, the quality of the academic level of the teaching staff, the infrastructure and, adequate spaces, the fervor of a young institution, make this the paradigm of higher education in the state of Tlaxcala.

In addition, the University cultivates within a framework of freedom and respect all currents of philosophical and scientific thought as well as historical facts and social doctrines with the rigorous objectivity that corresponds to its academic purposes but without pronouncing in favor of any, for which In effect, it will be away from all extra-university religious and political manifestations.


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    Universidad,1, 90000, Tlaxcala