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UNINFORM Master Quality - "Experts and Managers in Business Management Systems - Quality - Safety - Environment - Energy" 83rd edition

Master Quality - "Experts and Managers in Business Management Systems - Quality - Safety - Environment - Energy" 83rd edition

9 Months


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16 Oct 2024

23 Oct 2024

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The Master Quality - "Experts and Managers in Business Management Systems - Quality - Safety - Environment - Energy" 83rd edition , represents the longest-running, updated and performing Master on Integrated Management Systems, now enriched with new emerging issues and of new professional Skills coming out: from ENERGY and the figure of the "green job" to the Single Environmental Authorization, from the administrative responsibility of companies to Waste Management.

The 82 editions already held, which have involved over 750 of the most important Italian companies in all strategic sectors of the economy (consulting, aerospace, food, chemical pharmaceutical, etc.) have made it possible to train 3459 candidates who have found a place in companies, consultancy firms, multinationals, Public Administration (see ex-student testimonials).

The Master Quality issues 10 Professional Certificates and among these also Lead Auditor in various Management Systems (Quality, Safety, Environment, Energy, - Qualified Cepas - Privacy, Corporate Social Responsibility). All this makes the Master Quality the most important training course in Italy on Integrated Management Systems - Quality, Safety, Environment, Energy. What differentiates the Master Quality from the best masters on the market is the specific twenty-year experience deriving from the 82 editions already carried out, the quality of teaching guaranteed by expert professionals in each specific area and the relationships with the most important national and international companies that have contributed to the achievement of an excellent employment placement of the 3459 Master graduates.

Moreover, for completeness of information, it is important to highlight that there are various courses in Italy, some of which are of a hundred hours (12-15 days), which are improperly called masters and which attribute some titles similar to those of the Master Quality; it is not necessary to have specific skills in the field, to understand that specialized training, so important and complex, such as that in the field of integrated systems, requires a thorough preparation if you want to work profitably in the same field.


The objective of the UNINFORM Master Quality is to encourage the training of professional figures able to operate immediately in representative realities of the company's productive economic system; knowing how to lead every aspect of company management, from technical to managerial and administrative aspects, using planning and activity monitoring tools, shifting the overall focus from pure regulatory compliance towards a performance governance system that primarily meets the needs of the organization itself (including those of a financial nature). The didactic structure of the Master is constantly focused on the training of future consultants, managers, officials and managers of the companies involved. During the Master, particular importance is given to the development of transversal skills in order to fully complete the outgoing professional profile so that it can move consciously in the management of the work group and the changes prescribed by the ever-new regulations to which companies must adapt in terms of quality , safety and environment. The excellent placement of the candidates of the previous 82 editions, both in Rome and in Milan, confirms the coherence of the objectives set with the real results achieved; in fact, thanks to the activity of the UNINFORM staff, more than 3459 candidates have been included in important positions in companies, consultancy firms, multinationals and the Public Administration. Here are some of the professional opportunities foreseen: Quality Manager/Auditor, Inspector at Certification Bodies, Management Consultant in Integrated Management Systems, Environmental Auditor, ECOMANAGER, Environmental Impact Expert, Energy Manager, RSPP Safety Manager, HSE Manager.


The Stage is a full immersion in the activities of the host company, during which it is expected to participate in functional and development projects to put into practice what has been learned in the classroom phase. The internship project is defined - for each student - by the placement office of the Master, in consultation with the course faculty, in order to enhance the vocational vocations and skills that emerged during the classroom teaching activity. This internship period can take place in companies, consulting firms, multinational companies, located in Italy. You can indicate your geographical and business preferences for the destination of the internships.


There is a partial coverage scholarship that allows the candidate to pay only 3,400.00 Euros plus VAT, made available by the sponsoring and sponsoring companies.



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