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University of Pavia


The University of Pavia. Advancing Knowledge since 1361

The University of Pavia is one of the world’s oldest Academic Institutions. It was founded in 825 as a “School of law, rhetoric and liberal arts” by King Lothair I, and in 1361 it was officially established as a “Universitas Studiorum” by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. Thanks to the reforms implemented during the 18th century by the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria and her son Joseph II, the University of Pavia became one of the foremost in Europe, boasting an impressive number of famous Alumni, celebrated Academicians and Nobel Prizes.

Nowadays the University of Pavia is an Internationalisation-driven University which participates in agreements with worldwide esteemed institutions, an advanced Research University which promotes innovative interdisciplinary projects, and a Job-oriented University which creates powerful networks and strong business chances.

Campus Features

Pavia: a city campus

Located in Lombardy Region, only 30 KM south of Milan, the City of Pavia offers a lively, genuine, cooperative and safe environment with a high quality of life. Pavia is the Capital of the fertile Province of Pavia, which is known for a variety of agricultural products -including wine, rice, cereals and dairy products- and is situated at the heart of Italy’s manufacturing district. Tts fascination remains intact with the center’s maze of narrow streets, ancient churches and elegant buildings, all bordered by the Ticino river. The countless events, festivals, exhibitions, concerts, meeting places and sports competitions combine to offer students a unique University experience.

Accommodation: University of Pavia College System

Pavia’s collegiate system, unique in Italy, consists of 22 Residences, hosting approximately 2000 students.
Living in a university residence offers the opportunity to belong to a community where academic achievement, traditional events, parties, and sporting rivalries all play key roles. Read more on Accommodation page.


    Scholarships and Funding

    Tuition fees and financial support

    Tuition fees at UNIPV vary based on the student’s family income and country of origin and range from 156 to 4500 Euro. Non-EU students residing abroad and holding a study visa can also choose to pay the flat rate determined according to their citizenship which ranges from 400 euro to 4500 euro per year. Read more on tuition fee page.

    The University of Pavia offers several kinds of scholarships/funding for a sum up to 6.000 euro per year per student. Read more on funding page.


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