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Ulm University

Ulm University


Ulm University is a leading centre of learning, teaching, research and transfer. Since its foundation in 1967 as a university “under one roof”, it has impressively developed into a lively international hub for innovation and knowledge.

At Ulm University, located in the prosperous Southwest of Germany, more than 10,000 students study in its modern, lavishly green campus located in the dynamic Science City, high above the old imperial town of Ulm, the birth place of Albert Einstein. Four faculties offer 60 study programmes in German and English with B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD degrees. The range of subjects is unique and specialised: Engineering, Computer Sciences and Psychology, Mathematics and Economics, Medicine and Natural Sciences.

Due to its size, Ulm University allows for close interaction between academic teachers and students, which results in speedy graduation. The high student satisfaction is expressed in major ranking studies. The excellent infrastructure and the high research funding provide students at a graduate and post-graduate level with a challenging and rewarding atmosphere when pursuing their Master and Doctoral degrees; Affordability and convenience make living in the charming town of Ulm most enjoyable, and studying at the Ulm University most attractive.


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