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University of London Institute in Paris

University of London Institute in Paris

University of London Institute in Paris



The mission of the University of London Institute in Paris (ULIP) is to promote the study of the culture, language and literature of Paris and France.


The Institute was incorporated into the University of London in 1969 and sits alongside the School of Advanced Study as a Central Institute of the University. It is currently repositioning itself as a centre for international level research, undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in French Studies. In this regard, it is working closely with Royal Holloway and Queen Mary, the University of London who are members of a Consortium established with the Central University in 2004 in order to create mutual benefit in a number of areas of academic and support activity.

Equal Opportunities Statement

The University of London was established to provide education on the basis of merit above and without regard to race, creed or political belief and was the first university in the United Kingdom to admit women to its degrees.

The University of London Institute in Paris (hereafter ULIP) is proud to continue this tradition, and commit itself to equality of opportunity in employment, admissions and in its teaching, learning and research activities.

ULIP is committed to ensure that:

All staff, students, applicants for employment or study, visitors and other persons in contact with ULIP are treated fairly and have equality of opportunity, without regard to race, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, age, marital or parental status, dependants, disability, sexual orientation, religion, political belief or social origins.

Both existing staff and students, as well as applicants for employment or admission, are treated fairly and individuals are judged solely on merit and by reference to their skills, abilities, qualifications, aptitude and potential.

Teaching, learning and research are free from all forms of discrimination and continually provide equality of opportunity.

It creates a positive, inclusive atmosphere, based on respect for diversity within ULIP conforming to all provisions as laid out in legislation promoting equality of opportunity.


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