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University of Hamburg, School of Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences Master in Intelligent Adaptive Systems
University of Hamburg, School of Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences

Master in Intelligent Adaptive Systems

Hamburg, Germany

2 Years


Full time, Part time

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EUR 350 / per semester **


* Next application period starts 15.02.2022 and ends 31.03.2022 (each year only once, no late intake)

** no tuition fee only a semester contribution (incl. public transport pass)


We offer an international Computer Science Master's degree in Intelligent Adaptive Systems at Hamburg Universität, Germany.
The IAS Team is looking for students from various backgrounds who like the mix of neural networks and robotics and their application areas. Students who would like to contribute to a global world and who additionally have a bit of relevant work experience and international experience are invited to apply. At least one year of full-time computer science courses and very good English language skills are a minimum requirement.

Contact for the Intelligent Adaptive Systems:

Please check the Intelligent Adaptive Systems Website for all information: (up-to-date around January each year)

and for detailed information: for detailed information

We, the IAS-Team, are happy to answer all questions that the wiki or website did not answer. Within the application period, lengthy consulting is not possible. Please contact us only via our email (see website).

Intelligent Adaptive Systems program

Intelligent systems and robots are expected to become an integral part of our daily lives. In order to be accepted by, and interact efficiently and naturally with, humans, they have to adapt to changing environments and the users they interact with. Intelligent systems are expected to automatically acquire and manage knowledge through various sensors and learn and optimize their behaviour over time. This international Master's program aims to provide students with the ability to create these intelligent adaptive systems and to prepare them for a future market, where intelligent and adaptive behaviour is considered the standard for computer systems.

As one of the few computer science programs in Germany that are taught completely in English, the Master course „Intelligent Adaptive Systems (IAS)“ prepares students for international research and professional work. Following a balanced approach, it is placed in between programs with a purely technical focus and programs that offer a general computer science curriculum.

Its curriculum is focused on the area of smart technology and intelligent adaptive systems and provides in-depth training in this area. The selected modules provide a comprehensive overview, including technical aspects and state-of-the-art algorithms and methods. Students are introduced to current research in the corresponding fields and have the opportunity to deepen the acquired knowledge by participating in international research projects.

The Master of Science in Intelligent Adaptive Systems is a 2-year research-oriented program that is taught in English. Students, both national and international, can profit from an international environment and improve their grasp of the English language and knowledge of cultural differences. The inter-student exchange is fostered in seminars and workgroups and extended in extra-curricular discussions and activities. Through the proximity to current research projects, students can smoothly transition into collaborative research environments and continue education and study.



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