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Uczelnia Jana Wyżykowskiego

Uczelnia Jana Wyżykowskiego

Uczelnia Jana Wyżykowskiego


Uczelnia Jana Wyżykowskiego was established with the consent of the Minister of Science and Higher Education from the merger of two universities: the Lower Silesian University of Entrepreneurship and Technology in Polkowice and the Vocational University of Zagłębie Miedziowe in Lubin.

The founder of the University is the Zampol company. Both DWSPiT in Polkowice and UZZM in Lubin are universities that started their teaching activities in 2002. For 14 years they wrote their stories separately, in order to join forces in 2016 and act as a unity under a new banner.

The main tasks of the University are:

  • Educating students in order to prepare them to acquire and supplement knowledge and skills necessary in professional work,
  • Educating students in the spirit of respect for human rights, patriotism, democracy and responsibility for the good of society, the state and their own workshop, disseminating and multiplying the achievements of science, national culture and technology, including by collecting and sharing library and information collections,
  • Conducting post-graduate studies, courses and training for the needs of educating new skills necessary on the labor market in the lifelong learning system,
  • Creating conditions for the development of students' physical culture,
  • Action for the benefit of local and regional communities,
  • Giving people with disabilities the opportunity to fully participate in the process of education and research.


  • Polkowice

    Skalników,6 b, 59-101, Polkowice