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The Universidad Católica del Maule assumes the professional training of its students for the region, the country and the world, who will be trained in light of the principles and foundations of the Institution.

In this Training Model, the theoretical-conceptual foundations, the pedagogical approach, guidelines for the operational exercise and curricular definitions are made explicit, all in harmony with the Institutional Educational Project (PEI).

With a practical sense, this Model allows the development and anchoring of training itineraries, from their design and implementation, to their evaluation, follow-up and monitoring.

In the context of educational public policy, the current requirements of the local and national community are collected here, expressed by the various actors and social, political, economic, cultural and religious organizations.

In this scenario, four training axes are defined: Comprehensive Quality, Regional Sociocultural Identity, Inclusive Social Responsibility and Knowledge Construction, with Innovation as a cross-cutting element of these training axes.

They constitute the foundations of the UCM training itineraries and are operationalized in a curriculum oriented towards competencies and learning outcomes, which promotes the training of competent, autonomous, reflective professionals with ethical actions in accordance with the Christian vision of the UCM. .

The UCM Training Model must guarantee the principles of relevance, coherence and relevance of the curriculum, considering the flexibility, adaptability and adjustments in time demanded by the knowledge society.

This is a guiding document for the University's training process, which is articulated with the PEI to promote dialogue between the different actors: academics, students, officials, the local and national community.


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