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UCL Institute of Ophthalmology MSc Bioscience (Research and Development)
UCL Institute of Ophthalmology

MSc Bioscience (Research and Development)

London, United Kingdom

1 Years


Full time

31 Aug 2024*

Sep 2024

GBP 19,300 / per year **


* Applicants who require a visa: 31 July 2024 / Applicants who do not require a visa: 30 August 2024

** UK students | international students: £34,400


This program will help you understand how to develop research from the lab to the clinic. With a bioscience background, you will develop your scientific knowledge base whilst improving your ability to design experiments in the context of translational medicine. Understanding clinical trial design in more detail together with improving your critical evaluation of scientific papers and an extended lab-based project will equip you with more knowledge and skills required for pursuing a PhD or other scientific career.

About this degree

The MSc Bioscience (Research and Development) is an intensive, preclinical science-based program intended for those who have a biomedical background, and have an interest in furthering their knowledge and understanding of the development of novel therapies, by learning about therapeutic approaches in stem cell gene therapy, the science of disease and treatment paradigms, engagement with the practical applications of therapies and the translational possibilities within these.

The program is intended to develop practical skills and strategies for shaping their research practice for identifying science-based solutions and innovations and shaping opportunities for these to be developed and actualized in lab-based contexts.

The period of study provides you with an extended period of lab time, which then drives into a term of independent research activity and lab-based practice, ensuring that you will leave with meaningful bench skills and a defined lab-based research project completed, maximizing your capacity to develop your practice further through PhD study/Institutional research or in workplace Laboratory contexts.

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