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Adhering to the educational philosophy of "Education without class, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude", we cultivate students to become talents of the new century with "industrious hands", "technological brain", "humanistic heart", "local feelings", "environmental love" and "world outlook".

Deepen the connotation of body teaching, language teaching, system teaching, and environment teaching, and integrate into the campus life of students' learning, so that students have a whole-person education with a balanced development of morality, intelligence, physical, group, beauty, and skills.

The faculty and staff treat students with the mindset of "You should not be the children of others, you should treat them as your own children and grandchildren", and the motto of "Education is nothing but love and an example". Administrative colleagues use "to treat other people's affairs as personal." The mentality of treating public affairs as private affairs" helps others.

Build a green university campus environment, create a high-quality teacher-student learning environment and teaching research environment, and shape a warm, harmonious, fair, healthy, efficient, and vibrant campus culture.

In the face of changes and changes in the social environment, arouse the awareness of the crisis of faculty and staff to build a consensus, form a "community of life" to help each other, coexist and prosper and develop with the southeast.

Establish a system, system operation, follow-up assessment, stable growth.


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