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TUI University - College of Business Administration

TUI University - College of Business Administration

TUI University - College of Business Administration


Regionally accredited, Trident is made up of three key differentiators, that create a dynamic learning approach like no other. EdActive™ Learning is unique because the learning outcomes prepare our students for the workplace by enhancing their ability to think, learn, and solve problems. 100% accessible online, combined with no daily micromanagement promotes a flexible learning environment that enables adult learners to excel at a manageable pace. Affordability is key to our overall success for our students. We keep our tuition costs as low as possible, so the students receive an excellent education at a great value.

The idea for a 100% online university was conceived several years prior to its formal organization in 1998 by Drs. Yoram and Edith Neumann. A precursor to Trident’s EdActive™ Learning Approach, Yoram developed the Robust Learning Model (RLM) with several contributions from Edith. The model was presented for the first time at the professional conference of the Academy of Business Administration in 1996 in Athens, Greece, where it was received with a standing ovation. The RLM was developed by the Neumanns for distance and online learning and is recognized as a best practice for online education worldwide.


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