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Tufts University - Graduate School of Arts and Sciences MFA in Studio Art
Tufts University - Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

MFA in Studio Art

Medford, USA

2 Years


Full time

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USD 48,896 / per year *


* the payment of tuition is required for two years


Offered by the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University, the Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art is a rigorous interdisciplinary program that prepares graduate students for a career as professional artists grounded in artistic innovation and creativity. The studio curriculum integrates practical and critical skills across diverse mediums and disciplines. The MFA program emphasizes intense and advanced individual studio practice, creative collaborations, mentorships, and rigorous academic discourse.

Academic Approach

Master’s level graduate students attending SMFA at Tufts develop advanced professional competencies in the visual arts, including the understanding of issues both current and historical; the relationship of those ideas and broader world ideas; the development of a body of work with ideas and theory; and the realization of that work in a final thesis exhibition. There is also an emphasis on professional practice, meaning the skills necessary to develop and sustain a career.

MFA Coursework

The SMFA at Tufts University MFA in Studio Art is a two-year, 68-credit degree program defined by an interdisciplinary approach to advanced education through the arts. The curriculum is designed and executed by a faculty of professional artists and scholars.

Studio Courses

The studio courses that MFA students take will be guided by their interests. Through one-on-one mentorship and close academic advising, you will further develop and expand your production and research skills.

Students explore traditional or hybrid practices supported by an array of spaces and resources on our campus. A photographer or painter, for example, may choose to explore how printmaking, literary arts, or animation could enrich their practice.


Throughout their time at SMFA, MFA graduate students take the MFA Mentorship and Advising course. They explore and analyze a range of subjects in contemporary art and begin to define their relationship to these ideas through visiting artist lectures, speaking, writing, research, and presentation in ways that are relevant to their own art practice. Students learn to dialogue within a seminar context; build relationships and rapport with their colleagues; and enhance their leadership and analytical skills. The MFA Mentorship and Advising course allows students to become acquainted with their cohort, one another's artwork, and research interests. In addition, MFA graduate students must register for Graduate Group Critique, where they engage in a rigorous critique of their work and the work of their peers.

Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses

MFA graduate students will take two graduate-level art history or Visual Material Studies courses and two graduate-level liberal arts and sciences elective classes chosen from a broad range of advanced topics. Students are encouraged to choose courses that are relevant to their studio practice.

Critiques & Reviews

MFA students participate in Review Boards at the end of their first three semesters. The Review Boards serve as checkpoints during the two years to assess progress and provide opportunities for thoughtful discourse regarding their work.

Thesis and Exhibition

During the second year, MFA students develop a thesis and present it during the MFA group Thesis exhibition. This is the culminating event of their two-year program.

Graduation Requirements

MFA students must complete a total of 68 course credits in studio art including liberal arts and sciences classes. This includes the mandatory MFA Mentorship and Advising course and Graduate Group Critique.


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