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A place where strategy, business know-how, innovation, and leadership come together

TSM Business School has designed and executed many development programs for nearly 35 years. We have a strong history with our Executive MBA and a track record of clients to be proud of in our InCompany branch. We believe in life-long-learning and in our Center for Leadership Development, all our participants (alumni) and relations can find inspiration and support in their professional careers. Our roots stem from the technical University of Twente. Especially within our InCompany branch we still seem to naturally focus on the development of leading key-figures in technology-driven organizations. Meaning that our focus is on accelerating the growth of leaders, (project) managers, experts, and professionals and by doing so bringing their organization further.

TSM Business School offers leaders a place for innovation and sustainable development in a world that is constantly changing. We combine strengths and talents and bring worlds together. Not as a goal in itself, but from the strong conviction that the world of today does not get better from thinking and acting alone. Using different perspectives and deploying collective excellence makes it possible to explore new paths and find new answers. TSM Business School is a place where strategy, business know-how, innovation, and leadership come together.


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