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Telfer School of Management

Telfer School of Management

Telfer School of Management


Everyone who joins the tight-knit community that makes up our management school is immediately engaged in the business of building a better Canada.

Our students are fully immersed in a learning experience that goes beyond the classroom and takes them out into the practical world, where they benefit from working with partners to make a real impact in their world. This exposure prepares our students to become a new generation of leaders ready to apply their learning to the world around them.

Our faculty devotes themselves to conducting leading-edge research that produces the insights and ideas that we use to shape our unique curriculum. Our staff is committed to providing the support that makes all this important work possible, united by a shared belief that better business means a better Canada, and that a better Canada means a better world.


  • Ottawa

    55 Laurier Avenue East , K1N 6N5, Ottawa