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Tokyo Kasei Gakuin University

Tokyo Kasei Gakuin University


Enriching social life itself by discovering and solving problems in family life, which is the basic unit of society—In 1923 (Taisho 12), Sumi Oe was responsible for the role that women play in society and the role of women in such “home economics” Convinced of its importance, we established the Home Economics Research Institute, the predecessor of Tokyo Kasei Gakuin University.

Sumi Oe, who traveled around Europe while studying in the UK and saw the challenges and social activities of women in each country while working and raising children, was long before women's social advancement permeated Japan. Therefore, he found the ideal image of developing society in the visionary "Home Economics".

The "Home Economics that leads to people's happiness" advocated by Sumi Oe has been passed down to the present day


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