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Toin University Of Yokohama

Toin University Of Yokohama

Toin University Of Yokohama


Toin University of Yokohama includes the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, and graduate schools for both faculties. In 2008, we added the Faculty of Culture and Sport Policy to further our position as a university. At Toin Gakuen, the university forms the second pillar of education that complements education at the primary and secondary levels. The university has deep roots in the local community and boasts a unique school tradition that puts the growth and maturity of students above all else. To become a first-class, globally competitive institution, we hold on to ideals that focus on the social demands of the 21st century. By placing a sizable focus on particular goals, we are able to offer top-level educational programs which overflow with individuality while simultaneously maintains measurable high quality.

Education at the Faculty of Law begins with a foundation in legal basics such as constitutional law, civil law, and criminal law. Upon this is built a firm understanding of the generalities and outlines of judicial precedents, which gives students an empirical grasp of the societal functions and ideological background of the law as a whole. The Faculty of Law features a specialized program that helps students gain the skills and qualifications needed to work in the legal profession in corporate legal offices or as lawyers, or in law-related occupations such as judicial clerks. We are steadily expanding our range of top-level career plans.

The Faculty of Biomedical Engineering has developed a hands-on learning style that features small undergraduate classes. At the same time, due to an expansion in graduate school, there has been a further merging of education and research, with undergraduate students being assigned to research laboratories. In these programs, they strive to achieve rapid qualitative improvement under the concept of “an undergraduate to graduate school continuum.”

The Faculty of Culture and Sport Policy has built a system for the study of sports and culture which consists of a new educational scheme that focuses on service and personal experience with the aim of training future sports coaches, local government policymakers, and elementary and junior high school instructors. We constantly incorporate scientific and technological theories into our curriculum in order to assume a cohesive and fresh outlook.

We devote ourselves to practical education because we believe that the strong intellectual curiosity, desire for social justice, and spirit of inquiry into the ordinary and extraordinary that our students possess are the keys to supplying what is lacking in modern society today.


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