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The University of Tennessee - Tickle College of Engineering

The University of Tennessee - Tickle College of Engineering

The University of Tennessee - Tickle College of Engineering


Since 1838, the Tickle College of Engineering has proven its commitment to excellence in scientific research and the training of engineering professionals. Programs spanning most major engineering fields are offered, with several nationally ranked among the top 30 of all public institutions. Many of our graduates have risen to top positions in industry, government, and academia, including nine astronauts who have literally risen, spending a collective 1,000 days (and counting!) in space.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Tickle College of Engineering is:

  • To provide high-quality education in the major engineering disciplines from the undergraduate through doctoral levels through a creative balance of academic, professional, and extracurricular programs;
  • To foster and maintain mutually beneficial partnerships with our alumni, friends, industry, and local, state, and federal governments through public services assistance and collaborative research; and
  • To be a major contributor to our nation’s technology base through scholarship and research.

Vision Statement

The Tickle College of Engineering is resolved to become one of the country’s top twenty-five public engineering educational institutions. To bring this vision to reality, our college is committed to these five charges:

  • Attaining national and international recognition among peer institutions for excellence in both research and teaching.
  • Assembling a dynamic body of faculty who exemplify excellence and innovation in the pursuit and delivery of knowledge that will perpetuate the highest standards of engineering education for future generations.
  • Graduating students who are well educated in technical knowledge, with solid communication and teamwork skills, who can compete successfully in the global business world and contribute significantly to the national base of engineering education and technology.
  • Investing strategically in the college’s most important resources – students, faculty, and programs – through the vigorous acquisition of private gifts from individuals, corporations, and foundations.
  • Partnering with academic, industrial, and government entities that share and enhance the mission of the Tickle College of Engineering, so that our educational and collaborative efforts result in the maximum, positive, economic impact locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.

History of the College

The college’s origins date back to the 1800s, with the first engineering classes offered in 1838. Outstanding teachers and educators, innovative researchers, and transforming innovations are all part of engineering’s amazing journey at UT.

Engineering was initially located in Reese Hall in 1888. Ten years later, classes were moved to Estabrook Hall. Over the next one hundred twenty-five years, engineering moved from literally powering to intellectually powering the university. Currently, the college spans twelve buildings and stretches from the area north of Cumberland Avenue to Neyland Drive. The newest facility, the John D. Tickle Engineering Building, was dedicated in October of 2013. The growing college serves the educational and research goals of nearly four thousand students, faculty, and staff.

The college’s progress in science and technology travels from the early courses in surveying and mechanical engineering to achievements that include internationally acclaimed initiatives in renewable energy; the development of microchips that helped to create the Curiosity Mars Rover, the most innovative outer-space probe in modern history; unique revolutions in computer software; and the discovery of advanced techniques in materials engineering.

The college’s most impressive achievements, however, are the thousands of young men and women who have received their engineering education at UT and have gone on to successful futures and the unlimited contributions that they have made to their communities, the nation, and the world.


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