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The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Arts

The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Arts

The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Arts


The Faculty of Arts is one of the flagship faculties of the University of Hong Kong and one of the finest humanities faculties in the region and internationally. It was founded in 1912 when the University opened. It has been a focus of academic life on campus ever since, building on its traditions to meet successive educational and intellectual challenges. The Faculty comprises four Schools and a Centre: the School of Chinese, School of English, School of Humanities, School of Modern Languages and Cultures, and Centre for Applied English Studies. The Centre of Buddhist Studies offers undergraduate minor and postgraduate degrees through the Faculty.

Teachers in the Faculty are committed to excellence in research, which feeds into the broad, liberal education they provide to students and the community. Arts graduates emerge with analytical, linguistic, critical and creative skills, a deep engagement with culture and global awareness, all of which create the foundation for effective leadership and success in a wide range of professional and life endeavours. Our graduates are well equipped to pursue careers in business, government, education, finance, sales and marketing, media, publishing, translation, hospitality and tourism, and non-profit and cultural sectors.


  • Lung Fu Shan Country Park

    Lung Fu Shan Country Park, Hong Kong