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The University of Greenwich is driven by a founding ethos of "no limits". Our fundamental vision is to empower everyone to explore new possibilities, unbound by conventional wisdom and artificial boundaries. Through this approach, we aim to inspire new ways of communicating, connecting, and expressing our personal and collective identities.

We're also one of the few London universities that has everything you need in one place. Teaching, social, sports, and living spaces are all on campus or close by.

The Greenwich Community

Greenwich is more than a collection of individual students and staff, it is a community of people united by their passion for learning. Being a member of the university community conveys a sense of pride and a responsibility to live up to the high standards of previous generations of students. It also means that you rely on others to help you become the best student you can. There are many opportunities to make friends, try out new things, and discover what you're good at, alongside other like-minded people. Everyone is welcome and can find a way to fit in at Greenwich.

Enjoy Your Learning

It's important that you enjoy studying at Greenwich and have the opportunity to excel. Our courses are designed in conjunction with business and industry and use the latest research-informed curricula. We will support and encourage you to achieve the best possible outcome.

Technology plays a big role in our teaching. An example of this is lecture capture, which allows you to revisit lectures online and on-demand. Our staff have the resources to make multimedia a key part of your learning experience.

We specialize in subjects that prepare you for the next stage of your career. Many of our students have external mentors and take work placements to build the workplace skills and experience valued by employers. This is a formula for success, as 90% of our graduates begin work or further study within six months of completing their course (2018 DLHE survey).

Taught by Passionate People

We employ well-qualified, expert teaching staff, the majority with formal teaching qualifications. A large number of our academics have also previously worked in business or industry. This enables us to provide up-to-date and industry-relevant courses that are accredited by professional bodies.

Our lecturers are as passionate about sharing knowledge as they are about their subjects. They are ideally placed to help you reach your potential. Our students often remark how our academics will go the extra mile to help them excel at their chosen subject.

These principles earned us a national Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) Silver rating in 2017 and Higher Education Academy National Teaching Fellowships for a large number of our teaching staff.

Support Services

We offer a comprehensive range of support services for all our students. Every student is assigned a personal tutor who will help guide you throughout your studies at Greenwich. Our Student Academic Services team can help you deal with accommodation needs, money matters, advice and counseling, and disability needs. The Greenwich Students' Union is at the heart of the university and offers an excellent range of social, sporting, and support capabilities for all undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Facilities to Shape Your Future

Since 2013, we've invested more than £150 million in laboratories, teaching spaces and student facilities. This includes a new Student Hub in Medway Campus and the Dreadnought Building at Greenwich.

Dreadnought is a new central hub for all student academic and social activities. Alongside teaching and computing areas, you'll find a café, restaurant, gym, and a concert and events venue. This is where you can do your social learning, access student services, take part in student activities, and hang out with friends.

You'll also benefit from excellent study facilities, including first-class advanced laboratories for science and engineering subjects and three campus libraries with dedicated academic services librarians.

Advancing Knowledge at Greenwich

Our research addresses some of the world's most challenging issues, from global health to public safety.

Current investigations include mosquito-carried diseases, such as malaria and the Zika virus, and the use of 3D printers for medical implants. Other projects include life-saving research into evacuating difficult environments, such as high-rise construction sites, and understanding the links between politics and the economy.

This expertise feeds directly into our teaching. Your classes are informed by cutting-edge research and taught by leading researchers who are themselves pushing the frontiers of knowledge.

We also welcome the next generation of postgraduate researchers to carry out leading research using our world-class facilities. You'll be supported by a supervisory team who will help you develop skills for careers in academia, research, and industry.


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Campus Features

The University of Greenwich has two London-based campuses and one at Medway in Kent. Combine a city lifestyle with tranquil surroundings for a unique study experience.

  • Greenwich campus, London
  • Avery Hill campus, London
  • Medway campus, Kent

About the Greenwich Campus

Our riverside Greenwich Campus is surrounded by the greenery of Greenwich Park and is located close to central London.

Greenwich Campus sits on a World Heritage Site and is located in the heart of Greenwich, south-east London. The neighborhood has a lively atmosphere but is away from the hustle and bustle of the city, making it the ideal place to study.

The campus is surrounded by historical landmarks, as well as Greenwich Park and a selection of bars and restaurants. Many sites around the campus have been used as sets for films, such as The King's Speech, Les Misérables, Four Weddings and a Funeral, and The Queen.

About the Avery Hill Campus

Surrounded by green spaces, Avery Hill Campus is located in Eltham, south-east London. It has first-rate teaching and sporting facilities, as well as student accommodation.

Avery Hill is the ideal setting for students looking to study in London. Not only does it have a campus university vibe with teaching and living space, but it is also just 30 minutes by train from central London.

About the Medway Campus

A forward-thinking university in a historic setting. Discover more about student life and the study experience at Medway Campus in Chatham Maritime, Kent. Where you choose to study is a really important decision, and we are delighted to welcome you to our historic Medway Campus in Chatham, Kent.

Medway Campus has a rich naval history. Its red-brick buildings were previously a Royal Navy base. Nelson's flagship HMS Victory was built at Chatham's Historic Dockyard.

The campus also has amazing cafés and bars, including those in Pembroke and Pilkington Buildings. An attractive piazza-style area with outdoor seating is ideal for events. There are also plenty of green spaces, with a tennis court.

We offer our students a supportive environment for their studies and the help they need to secure graduate jobs in London, the South East, and further afield.


    All of the following documents must be uploaded to the 'Qualification' section of the application form. Applications that do not have the required documentation may not be considered.

    1. Scanned copies of your certificates and/or transcripts that meet the program entry requirements.
    2. Please refer to our Applying for a postgraduate research degree page for the entry requirements.
    3. A scanned copy of your passport and residency permit(s), if applicable.
    4. Curriculum Vitae (CV), including the names of two referees (written references can also be provided using the reference form).
    5. A detailed research proposal of about 1,500 words (for scholarship applications, please see specific instructions in the advert and include the scholarship reference in the personal statement section).
    6. Proof of your English language proficiency, for applicants whose first language is not English. You do not need to prove your knowledge of English if you can show you are a national of one of the following countries or if you have undertaken an undergraduate or Master's qualification in the UK or one of these countries.

    Applicants not meeting this criteria will be required to provide an IELTS certificate, achieving 6.5 in each area, or or an acceptable, demonstrable equivalent to this.

    What happens After you Submit your Application?

    The process for recruiting students varies within the faculties, however, all online applications are initially logged with the Faculty Office, so if you have a query please contact them in the first instance. The Faculty/Department will contact you directly to arrange an interview if they wish to take your application further.

    You will be notified if your application is unsuccessful. If you are successful you will receive an offer from Postgraduate Research Admissions, subject to clearing UKVI checks, where applicable, and the provision of evidence that you meet the entry requirements for the program. Please note that the recruitment process can take up to six to eight weeks. If you need a decision sooner due to a funding deadline, please inform the Faculty and make this clear in the personal statement section of your application form.

    Admission Process

    Replying to accept an offer

    • You must respond to an offer of admission within 30 days, or by the stated start date of your program, whichever is earlier. If you do not respond, we will assume that you do not wish to accept the offer, and the offer will be withdrawn. To confirm your acceptance of the offer, you must sign and date the offer of admission and return it, along with any other required documents as specified in your offer letter.
    • Your start date will be on your offer of admission. Remember, you must fulfill all terms of your offer before the start date of your programme.
    • Please refer to our student finance pages for information on paying your deposit, providing a sponsor letter and paying your tuition fee.
    • Details of tuition fees
    • If you are an international student or require ATAS please refer to the guidance on our international student pages.

    Beginning your studies

    On your first day of study, you are expected to complete registration at the Student Centre and attend your Faculty induction. Late arrivals need to notify Postgraduate Research Admissions and their Faculty of their proposed arrival date.

    Visa Requirements

    When making your Student visa application, you will need to submit some specific documents to prove that you meet the criteria

    Submitting Documents with your Student Visa Application

    The documents you need to provide with your visa application depend on your circumstances. Some documents are mandatory and others need to be provided depending on your circumstances and what your CAS says. The following list should help you to work out what documents you will need to provide. It's important to provide all of the documents needed, as not doing so can cause a visa refusal.

    Student Visa Document List

    Current Passport

    A current passport or other valid travel documentation.

    Qualifications Stated on your CAS.

    All qualifications listed in your CAS. You should note that if no qualifications are listed in your CAS, you are not required to provide any.

    English Language Evidence.

    UKVI asks for proof of your knowledge of the English language. Universities can choose how they assess a student's knowledge of English. Your CAS will confirm how your English language ability has been assessed by the university. If it has been assessed by you providing a certificate or qualification, then this will be listed in your CAS and you must provide the certificate listed. If no English language qualifications are listed in your CAS, then you will not need to provide any with your application.


    If any document is not in English, the original must be accompanied by a full translation. The translation must contain:

    • Validation from the translator that it is an exact translation of the original document
    • Translation company's contact details
    • The date of the translation

    Proof of Finances.

    You need to provide evidence that you have a specific amount of money available to you for tuition fees and living costs in the UK. See our information on the financial requirements for guidance on how to check what this amount is.

    The types of documents you can provide to prove your finances are:

    • Personal bank statements or building society statements
    • Bank letters
    • Official loan letters
    • Official financial sponsorship letters

    See our information and guidance on finance documents on the Demonstrating Your Finances page. Please note that it is important to provide finance documents that meet the requirements, to avoid a visa refusal.

    Letter of Consent from Government Sponsor.

    If you have received any official financial sponsorship from a government in the past year, you must provide a letter from this sponsor that confirms the sponsor's consent for you to make the Student Visa application.

    Proof of your Relationship with your Parent or Guardian.

    If the funds you show are held under a parent's name, you must prove your relationship to your parent(s). Birth certificates or adoption certificates are accepted.

    Letter from Parent/ Guardian.

    If the funds are held under a parent's name, you also need a letter from your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) providing consent for you to use the money. The letter does not need to follow a strict format, but it must be signed and dated.

    Proof of Parental or other Legal Guardian Consent if you're Under 18.

    If you are under the age of 18 when you start your studies, you will need to provide a letter from your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) and also your birth certificate or adoption certificate. Contact us for more information and advice if needed.

    Your Tuberculosis Test Results

    If you're from a country where you have to take the test. Note that if you have been living in a country for the past six months where the TB test is not required, then you will not need to provide this (If you have been living in the UK for six or more months, then you will not need to take a TB test.) See the UKVI information on TB tests to check if this applies to you.

    ATAS Certificate (Academic Technology Approval Scheme Certificate).

    This is a certificate required by some postgraduate students. (It does not apply to students in undergraduate programs of study.) You should note that it takes approximately one month for an ATAS certificate to be issued. Your CAS will confirm if you need an ATAS certificate. See our ATAS information for more guidance.

    Scholarships and Funding

    Our scholarships and bursaries range from bursaries for care leavers and students in financial need to awards for postgraduate study. With our EU Bursary, new students domiciled in the EU could receive a first-year tuition fee reduction.

    Scholarships & Bursaries 2023/24

    Accommodation Bursary

    The Greenwich University Accommodation Bursary for new domestic/home undergraduate students with a low household income.

    Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Postgraduate Scholarship

    The scholarship is a £10,000 cash bursary or fee waiver to study MSc in Data Science and its Applications course at the University of Greenwich.

    Aziz Foundation Scholarship

    The Aziz Foundation Scholarship will cover 100% of postgraduate tuition fees to support British Muslims aiming to study at the University of Greenwich.

    Care Leaver Bursary

    The Care Leaver Bursary provides £1,500 per year to undergraduate students who are joining the university directly from local authority care.

    Commuter Bursary

    Our commuter bursaries support students from low-income households who face challenging travel costs to attend university.

    David Fussey Choral Exhibition Bursary 2023/24

    The David Fussey Choral Exhibition Bursary is worth £1,000 per year for students who are selected to join the University of Greenwich Choir.

    Digital Access Bursary

    New undergraduate or postgraduate students with low household incomes can apply for financial assistance towards equipment to support online learning.

    EU Bursary

    EU students domiciled in the EU who hold an offer to study with us could receive a significant tuition fee discount for the first year of study in the 2023/24 academic year.

    Food Vouchers

    If you are experiencing an unexpected financial crisis and are unable to afford food, toiletries or other essential items as a result, you may be eligible to apply for a food voucher.

    Great Skills Scholarship

    We’re all about GREAT skills! If students participate in our outreach activities before joining us at the university, they could be eligible for a scholarship worth £2,000.

    Greenwich Progression Bursary

    The new £3,000 bursary and work internship scheme for home fee-paying students and Alumni.

    International Hardship Fund

    This fund is for EU students without a maintenance loan and international students who have experienced unexpected short-term costs.

    International Scholarships Award

    International students who hold an offer to study at the University of Greenwich could receive a tuition fee discount worth up to £3,000 in the first year.

    Mister Gees Foundation Bursary

    This bursary is worth £5,000 for a postgraduate student enrolled in MSc Water, Waste, and Environmental Engineering and could offer you £5,000 during your studies.

    Nursing Memorial Appeal Bursary Buddy

    For many students, applying to university can be a difficult and daunting decision. Financial barriers can limit student potential.

    Robert Holman Bursary

    This award is worth £1,000 for current students studying Accounting and Finance courses from Greenwich, Lewisham, and Southwark.

    Royal Navy and Royal Marine Bursary

    This bursary provides up to £3,000 per year for undergraduate students who have served in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines, or whose parents have a record of service.

    RPS Karen Roberts Scholarship

    This award is worth £5,000 for an undergraduate student enrolled in BA Landscape Architecture and could offer you £5,000 during the first year of studies.

    RSK Scholarship

    The scholarship is a £5,000 cash bursary for a first-year undergraduate student enrolled in specific engineering and architecture programmes.

    Sir William Boreman's Foundation

    If you’re a permanent resident in the Borough of Greenwich or Lewisham, you could qualify for a Sir William Boreman's Foundation grant towards your living costs.

    Stephen Lawrence Scholarship (Architecture)

    The scholarship is a £18,500 cash bursary or fee waiver to study Architecture Part 2 March at the University of Greenwich.

    Teacher training bursaries and loans

    Interested in becoming a teacher?

    The Global Greenwich Bursary

    The Global Mobility Team and The Fees and Funding team would like to work in partnership to offer a dedicated bursary to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds to access study abroad and internship opportunities.

    The Greenwich Bursary

    The Greenwich Bursary is worth £700 for new undergraduate students with a low household income.

    The Sanctuary Scholarship

    This scholarship is for an offer holder seeking asylum or with refugee status in the United Kingdom. It covers tuition and accommodation costs, plus a maintenance grant.

    Visionary Scholarship

    This award is worth £5,000 for students who have overcome adversity, engaged with us during school/college or their current studies, and have been nominated by a teacher or adviser from their institution.

    William Hills Scholarship

    The William Hills Scholarship offers six students £2,000 each year for the duration of their 4-year MEng Mechanical Engineering degree. An additional two awards are available for two students in year two of their BEng Mechanical Engineering degree.


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