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The Swedish Defence University (SEDU)

The Swedish Defence University (SEDU)

The Swedish Defence University (SEDU)


About the Swedish Defence University

The Swedish Defence University (SEDU) contributes to national and international security through research and education. We are a highly specialized university focusing on defense, crisis management and security.

Founded as an institution for higher military education within the Swedish Armed Forces, the SEDU today is an independent higher education institution that offers education at all academic levels - bachelor, master, and doctoral.- for civilian students as well as military officers.

A unique academic environment

The Swedish Defence University aims to be an instrument for change in the fields of Defence and Security Policy. Through the development of new knowledge and by offering education and training, we make an active contribution to shape the future of defense.

The Swedish Defence University is Sweden's leading resource in, and the first choice for, education, training, and research in the management of crisis, war, and periods of tension in the leadership of both civil and military agencies. We are an accredited institution for academic education for military and civilian students and researchers where different experiences, approaches, and traditions come together.

Our international master programmes

  • Defence and Security Systems Development, two-year Master's Programme
  • International Operational Law, one-year Master's Programme
  • Politics, Security and War, two-year Master's Programme


Our research

Research at the Swedish Defence University concentrates on specially selected subject areas.

  • International and Operational Law
  • Leadership and Command and Control
  • Military History
  • Political Science
  • Systems Science for Defence and Security
  • War Studies

All research projects are closely linked to the education and training at the university and look into areas which are not the subject of research at other colleges, universities and research institutions in Sweden.


  • Stockholm

    Drottning Kristinas väg 37, 11428, Stockholm

    • Stockholm

      Karlberg Palace, Karlbergs slottsväg 1, 10786, Stockholm

      • Karlstad

        Våxnäsgatan 10, 65340, Karlstad