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The Hebrew University of Jerusalem MSc in Chemistry
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

MSc in Chemistry

Jerusalem, Israel

2 Years


Full time

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* All Master's students are exempt from tuition fees for the two years of their Master's studies


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Chemistry serves the basis for many diverse aspects of everyday life and is a crucial aspect of many of the natural sciences, including biology, medicine, computer science and electronics, geology, and agriculture.

Chemistry is an applied science, as seen in the development and synthesis of pharmaceutical drugs, material engineering, nanotechnology, and more. But no less importantly, chemistry is also a fundamental science that investigates the basic principles of nature and how these relate to changes in the matter through understanding the nature of chemical bonding, molecular interactions.

Chemistry is also at the heart of Israel’s industry, ranging from the traditional chemical industry, through the food, textile, pharmaceutical industries, all the way to forensic science.

The Institute of chemistry at the Hebrew University is a leading institution in Israel and is well recognized world-wide in all these fields of chemical research.

If you are curious and motivated in studies at the forefront of current scientific research, we invite you to register for the Chemistry program at the Hebrew University. This will afford you the chance to study with first-rate lecturers and researchers and to learn first-hand and be directly involved in the state of the art research as performed by premier experts.

Master’s Degree in Chemistry is, essentially, a passage between the Bachelor’s degree, based mainly on the rigorous curriculum of introductory (theoretical and practical) courses, and the Doctoral studies, based mostly on independent research. As such, this program introduces for the first time the methods and techniques of scientific research in a particular area of Chemistry via undertaking a novel research project under the supervision of a faculty member from the Institute of Chemistry. However, students also broaden their knowledge of chemistry through a selection of taught courses and are able to tailor their curriculum to meet personal research interests.

A list of career opportunities for the M.Sc. in Chemistry is long and diverse. Graduates of this program have many opportunities to use their knowledge within a range of research sectors, including leading roles within the chemical and related industries, hi-tech, healthcare, educational institutions, or public services. Masters of Chemistry are in high demand in essentially all branches of the national job market. Yet, the degree should be a degree of choice for students who plan to pursue Ph.D. studies in one of the traditional or interdisciplinary sub-areas of the field.



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