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Technological Institute of Putumayo (Instituto Tecnológico del Putumayo (ITP))

Technological Institute of Putumayo (Instituto Tecnológico del Putumayo (ITP))

Technological Institute of Putumayo (Instituto Tecnológico del Putumayo (ITP))


The response to the regional requirement for professional training by the Putumayo Technological Institute (ITP), materialized in the opening of its classrooms with the following technological careers: Environmental Technology, Forestry, Mines, Programming and Systems, Administration and Accounting Systematized. On December 15, 1995, Mr. JESÚS ERNESTO MAYA BURBANO takes office as the new Rector of the Technological Institute of Putumayo; with the slogan "INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO DEL PUTUMAYO, SEARCHING FOR QUALITY". In 1996, the Government of the Putumayo Department handed over to the Institution, the Botanical Garden for its administration and research as an AGREEMENT for 10 renewable years. Currently, the requirements for its link to the National Botanical Gardens Network are being met. Between 1996 and 1997 the first stage of the Academic headquarters of the Putumayo Technological Institute based in Mocoa was built and inaugurated, thanks to the determined support of the engineer JOSÉ MAYA BURBANO, Representative to the Chamber for the Putumayo Department. On February 24, 1998, by Decree No. 383 issued by the Ministry of National Education, Magister LUIS EDUARDO MELO MUÑOZ was appointed, who took office on March 3 in the office of the Interior, beginning with his administration in pursuit of continue to enhance the institution. Contacts have been established with various universities to receive ITP graduated Technologists in related careers, such as: National University of Colombia, the University Foundation of the Andean Area with whom they have worked together to lead the professionalization of the Institute's students. Technological of Putumayo.

In the Administration of Specialist ALEJANDRO VALLEJOS ASKUNTAR, the Licensing for the software of the computers of the entire Institute was achieved and it was managed to establish the appointment of the FIRST TEACHING FLOOR of the Technological Institute, according to Decree 616 of April 5, 2002 issued by the Ministry of National Education, with 20 full-time teachers and 14 part-time teachers.


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