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Tallinn University Master of Arts in Estonian Studies
Tallinn University

Master of Arts in Estonian Studies

Tallinn, Estonia

2 Years


Full time

01 Jul 2024*

01 Sep 2024

EUR 1,900 / per semester


* non-EU/EEA citizens residing in estonia, have a valid estonian TRP I EU/EEA citizens residing in estonia, have a valid estonian id-card

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Estonian Studies enables you to get a broad-based and interdisciplinary postgraduate degree and offers the possibility to see both the uniqueness and specifics of Estonia, the place of Estonia in a global context.

Estonian Studies is in many respects the calling card of the Estonian State and is aimed at everybody who is interested in various aspects of Estonia. Come and study with us!

Why study with us?

  • Estonian Studies provides knowledge of the Estonian language, culture, society, politics, and history, as well as opportunities to learn the Estonian language and enhance skills in translating literature.
  • Nowhere in the world can one get better quality knowledge on these topics than in Estonia, taught by the most distinguished scholars in their field.
  • The MA program suits not only those who have only a passing knowledge of Estonia but also those who have more detailed prior knowledge and wish to enhance their knowledge and skills.
  • All our students will be able to develop their Estonian language skills. Estonian B1 is the minimum requirement for graduation, although the people admitted with higher language levels will be able to enhance their skills even further.
  • Estonia is the home of many nations.

Study Support Facilities

  • The Estonian Studies program is housed within the School of Humanities and utilizes all the facilities made available by Tallinn University. The university campus houses a study library, the main university library situated within easy reach in the city center. The National Library of Estonia is also in the city center.
  • Before applying to the program, one can learn more about Tallinn University while participating in Tallinn Summer School, a 3-week program running in July, or Tallinn Winter School, a 3-week program running in January, both combining a wide range of courses with a rich, diverse cultural program and attracting participants from all over the world.
  • Students will have ample opportunities to participate in various literary and cultural events held in Tallinn, including Literary Wednesdays held at the Tallinn Writers' Union, book presentations, Literature Festival HEADREAD, concerts, art exhibitions, visit Estonian museums and other culturally significant places of interest. There are various seminars and conferences.
  • Our main partners for this study program are the Estonian Literature Centre, the Estonian Institute, the Estonian Writers' Union, and the network of Estonian Language teachers in higher education establishments around the world.

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