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Tallinn University Master in Screen Media and Innovation
Tallinn University

Master in Screen Media and Innovation

Tallinn, Estonia

2 Years


Full time

01 Jul 2024*

01 Sep 2024

EUR 2,100 / per semester


* non-EU/EEA citizens residing in estonia, have a valid estonian TRP I EU/EEA citizens residing in estonia, have a valid estonian id-card

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How relevant are screens in your life? Do you, like an average American, spend 12 hours a day with screens? Does it matter? Screen media is a crucial source of information, knowledge, and entertainment for a huge segment of the global population, and an increasingly significant economy, yet also a source of anxieties regarding health, well-being, culture, and politics.

Screen Media and Innovation is the most innovative new study program at Tallinn University.

With us you will learn:

  • through practical, problem-oriented teamwork;
  • about the changes that ubiquitous screens, digitalization, platformisation, and datafication bring to media cultures, practices, industries, and participation.

Our pedagogical approach is novel and one-of-a-kind at Tallinn University. We follow the project/problem-based learning method. It means that students learn by actively working on personally meaningful projects intended to solve timely problems pertaining to real-world challenges.

Screen media is a key economy and a crucial source of information, knowledge, and entertainment for a huge segment of the global population. Yet, it is also a source of anxiety regarding the health, well-being, culture, and politics of people worldwide. Are platform companies manipulating us? How to build better social media? What is ethical design? Where does the future of the internet lie? I don't want to wear a clunky VR headset for a work meeting, do you? Join the Screen Media and Innovation program to learn to think, plan, research, design, and innovate for a better future.

Why study with us?

“Screen Media and Innovation” is innovative to the core. Our pedagogy is based on what has been developed as “project or problem-based learning” at the Harvard Teaching and Learning Lab, Stanford, and Aalborg University. Project/problem-based learning is a step-by-step process where teams of students respond to a screen media challenge, focus on a specific, solvable problem within it based on their interests, experiences, and ambitions, and design a project for solving that problem within a given timeframe (two semesters). They then work towards it by following specific phases similar to those in design thinking. Tailored micro-courses (e.g. methods of prototyping, entrepreneurial thinking, AV, and transmedia storytelling) are offered during every phase.

Our teaching staff are internationally renowned experts in media research, we regularly involve visiting professors from all over the world as well as local practitioners from media industries. The combination of professional instruction and creative project-based learning prepares successful graduates to confidently and knowledgeably solve complex problems and work in teams in media-, and creative industry jobs, research, policy work, or as entrepreneurs.

Why BFM?

Tallinn University Baltic Film, Media, and Arts School (BFM) focuses on professional hands-on training designed for international careers. BFM has over 800 students, about 230 of them are international students from more than 50 countries worldwide.

The university provides students with a state of the art facilities and equipment. BFM building houses Estonia’s first 4K cinema hall, film and sound studios, and editing rooms. BFM has over 30 partner universities in Europe and Asia, which offers a truly exciting mix of cultures that creates an invaluable professional network for your later career.

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