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Tallinn University Master in Educational Innovation and Leadership
Tallinn University

Master in Educational Innovation and Leadership

Tallinn, Estonia

2 Years


Full time

01 Jul 2024*

01 Sep 2024

EUR 2,100 / per semester


* non-EU/EEA citizens residing in estonia, have a valid estonian TRP I EU/EEA citizens residing in estonia, have a valid estonian id-card

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The educational Innovation and Leadership master’s program aims to inspire educational entrepreneurs all over the world. The study program examines different innovative learning strategies; data-driven decision making and evidence-based development as well as innovative leadership methods in the field of education. Our students will be the future architects of innovative education systems!

Educational Innovation and Leadership is an open master’s program, meaning we do not set previous educational background criteria for candidates. We aim to have students with various qualifications, whose future is connected with the field of education. This is a research-focused program, which aims to

  • develop leadership skills;
  • support teachers and educational leaders' careers with one of the best evidence-based knowledge in the world by developing practical skill sets;
  • increase student’s insight on political strategies in education, mapping changing social agency through empowerment and emancipation;
  • introduce methodological approaches and research methods suitable for evidence-based development in education;
  • advance the ability to design implementation and possible consequences of education policies, reforms, and practices, at national and international levels.

Graduates of the curriculum are able to set clear development goals, successfully analyze problems in education, and make evidence-based decisions in their work.

Why study with us?

Estonia has transformed its educational system into one of the most advanced ones in the world being a role model for digital education. Estonian pupils ranked first in the PISA 2018 results among the European countries in all three domains and fifth among the OECD countries. Results come with high satisfaction in students’ lives, on average 70% (OECD 67%). Additionally, according to CEPS Estonia is rated as being the most prepared country in Europe for digital lifelong learning. How did this transformation happen, and what does it mean? And how can other countries learn and benefit from this experience? These questions will be answered during the studies.

Tallinn University has been the leading teacher-education institution in Estonia since 1919, previously known as Tallinn Pedagogical University and Tallinn Teachers' Seminary. Our academic staff consists of the top leaders in education, who have helped design the current educational system at the school and state levels. We collaborate with our partners from Estonia and other countries in order to provide our students with the highest level of professional competencies.

Why the School of Educational Sciences?

The School of Educational Sciences is a unit at Tallinn University, which is responsible for coordinating the teaching, research, and development activities in the field of education. We are also responsible for academic sustainability in the field of education both at Tallinn University and Estonia in general.

  • The School of Educational Sciences has almost 100 years of experience in teacher training.
  • Our study programs have a deep impact on the future of education.
  • Our study programs are amongst the most practical in the university. Studies involve lots of practical work in Estonia and abroad.
  • There are 17 internationally recognized study programs in the School of Educational Sciences, which provides a wide array of opportunities to make the best choices for the future.
  • There is an open-minded, supportive, and study-orientated atmosphere in the School of Educational Sciences.
  • Our values in teaching and learning include individuality, playfulness, and setting high aims.
  • Our academic personnel is the best in their field and the designers of Estonian education. In addition to inspiring their students, they also do world-class research.
  • The School of Educational Sciences has various partner universities, which enable students to gain experiences all over the world.
  • There are more than 1400 students on all three higher education levels in the School of Educational Sciences.
  • In the School of Educational Sciences, you have the opportunity to further develop your education – you get the chance to take the 21st-century studying and learning experience to your own organization.

Graduates are ready to work as managers of various educational and training institutions and as education officials, specialists in municipalities, state institutions, and other organizations in the field of education, in order to support evidence-based management.



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