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Tajen University


Since its foundation, Tajen has been implementing its motto, pursuing the goal of becoming an excellent university of higher education, and acting as a high-standard life-long learning academic institution. Under the belief of long-term prospect, efficiency, prowess, and caring, Tajen has strong humane, and proficient managerial teams that are willing to take on challenges. Thus, Tajen has created a warm, harmonious campus culture, and meanwhile, provides a variety of programs to meet students’ needs and to help students pursue excellence.

Tajen Educational Beliefs

With our school motto “Study Diligently; Embody Virtues” in mind, Tajen cultivates students' talents to meet the needs of an ever-changing society as affected by world trends. We aim to provide a fully comprehensive education that fosters talented professionals that have a belief in humanity as well as sound personalities.

To achieve our goals, the curriculum is designed with present and future technology in mind. Furthermore, Tajen believes that it is important that students obtain skills and knowledge presently needed by society as well as what society may need in the future. Furthermore, it is important that students are employable and have a code of ethics concurrent with society.

In terms of teaching contents, we believe in chancellor a fully comprehensive education the equal importance of technology and humanity the enhancement of computer science education and foreign language education training in managerial capabilities the planning for leisure.


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