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SUP des RH


SUP des RH , the benchmark HR school in France and abroad

Since its creation in 1998, the vocation of SUP des RH has been to train Human Resources professionals by not neglecting any knowledge, by regularly revising its competency frameworks and by involving the RRH and HRD in the training and evaluation of its learners. . In an increasingly connected world, SUP des RH has built an educational project focused on innovation, personalized support, the search for excellence and the employability of its trainees.

The only school in France specializing in HR with 5 certified titles

Professional recognition being based in France on diplomas, SUP des RH has from the outset developed its programs around titles certified by the State registered in the RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certifications):

  • Bachelor - Human Resources Officer - Level 6 certified since 2004, renewed by JO on 09/07/2016, RNCP directory file n ° 2326
  • Mastere - Human Resources Development Manager - Level 7 certified since 2007, renewed by JO on 06/07/2016, RNCP directory file n ° 26267
  • Executive MBA Responsible for Innovation and HR Transformation - Level 7 certified since 14/10/2020, RNCP directory file n ° 34990
  • Executive MBA International Human Resources Manager - Level 7 certified since 10/14/2020, RNCP directory file n ° 34981
  • Executive MBA Head of Global Compensation and Benefits - Level 7 certified since 10/14/2020, RNCP directory file n ° 34980

Distance learning & SUP des RH : live a new learning experience!

Obtain your "Human Resources Officer" diploma with our web-series of 89 episodes created especially by and for SUP des RH !

The series "Fais pas ta RH" immerses the learner in the heart of the KENED company in order to discover all the HR concepts that he will study during his course: an opportunity to discover in a fun way the realities of a HR manager. All courses are based on the corporate environment of the series: KENED. You will have to recruit, train, sanction ... The courses thus come to life and put you in a professional posture as close as possible to reality.

For example: you recruit an employee, draw up their contract, organize their integration, carry out their DUE, then at the end of the month their first payslip. Recruitment, law and pay are intertwined as in real professional life! The right to make mistakes: a real philosophy at SUP des RH . No more stress of continuous checks, all intermediate tests are used only for positioning and can be repeated (Test and learn method).

Why join SUP des RH ? Benefits !

  • A large school on a human scale: small class sizes (25 learners on average) to allow practice and promote exchanges.
  • Recognized diplomas: benefit from the recognition of our titles registered in the RNCP and benefit from the strong notoriety of SUP des RH among HR professionals.
  • Individualized support: as soon as you register with SUP des RH , you are supported by your CARE (find out more here).
  • Digital educational tools: SUP des RH provides all its learners with the necessary tools during their training (distance learning platform, Microsoft 365 environment, laptop PC, etc.)
  • Excellent success and integration rates: 91% success rate on average and 90% of our learners have a job within 6 months.

A network of partner companies since 1998

SUP des RH is recognized by companies for the employability and potential of its trained learners. Having developed its work-study programs from the start, the school now enjoys the trust of a large network of partner companies . The school has become for HR decision-makers a real pool of interns and future employees. Tangible proof of the professional effectiveness SUP des RH students and graduates!

  • 1,500 internship and job offers / year
  • 90% of graduates are in post within 6 months (average of the last 5 promotions, all titles combined)


  • Île-de-France

    Rue Dombasle,54 Bis, 75015, Île-de-France

  • Île-de-France

    Rue de Moscou,39, 75008, Île-de-France