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Shanghai University of Finance and Economics with ECSA Global

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics with ECSA Global

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics with ECSA Global


We are an experienced international education organisation. What makes us different from others is our focus on professional aspects of education, and the way we treat the relationships with the ones who engage with us.

ECSA Global was previously founded under the name of Europe-China Strategic Alliance. Inspired by the tremendous opportunities fueled by many years of growth in the Greater China Region, our ambition was to form an organisation that would allow European students and young professionals to tap into them through a first-class education coupled with real work experience and access to a professional network. To do this, we formed an alliance with the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and opened an office in Shanghai in addition to our Berlin office. Thanks to hard work and the talented individuals we have been able to work with, we were able to succeed as measured by tangible feedback.

An important point of feedback we have received was that our concept of quality international education with a strong professional focus was something desired by many students and young professionals around the world. Therefore, in 2012 we have made the decision to rebrand our organisation and go far beyond Europe and China. We have kept 'ECSA' as an important legacy of where we came from but added 'Global' to our name to signify that we have now become a truly global organisation.

We currently continue to offer the Business in China Summer Programme, but also continue to work on several other programmes which we will soon unveil.

What Drives Our Work?

At every organisation, important decisions are made based on certain values. We are transparent about ours. Please take the time to read our mission and values to know what we are trying to accomplish and what to expect from us.

Why Trust Us to Deliver?

ECSA Global has a proven track of taking care of those who we work with. Take the time to ask yourself, or see our Expertise and Trust.

Want to Talk to Us or See Us?

Engaging in international education must be an informed choice. Therefore, we encourage you to communicate with us as much as possible, or even pay a visit if you happen to be close enough to one of our offices.

Business in China Summer Programme from ECSA Global on Vimeo.


  • Berlin

    ECSA Global Berlin Friedrichstrasse 191, 10117, Berlin

    • Shanghai

      ECSA Global Shanghai 11/F, Tower B, Central Towers, No. 567 Langao Road Putuo District, 200333, Shanghai

      • Shanghai

        Shanghai University of Finance and Economics International Cultural Exchange School No. 369 Zhongshanbeiyi Road Hongkou District, 200083, Shanghai