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Sprachschule Aktiv

Sprachschule Aktiv

Sprachschule Aktiv


Learning a foreign language not only enables you to get to know a foreign culture. They also expand their general education and have better job opportunities. By the way, you will get to know a lot of nice people. With our language school Aktiv in Munich you make a good choice.

The language school Aktiv has existed since 2001. It was founded by Martin Polo. We see ourselves not only as a language school, but as a meeting point for cultures. We offer more than 40 languages . In order to promote the exchange of cultures, we organize a wide variety of leisure activities. A course at the language school Aktiv in Munich is more than just learning a foreign language. You dive into the other world and experience the country up close.


  • Munich

    Sprachschule Aktiv Tegernseer Landstraße, 135, 81539, Munich


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