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Sokhumi State University Master of Archaeology
Sokhumi State University

Master of Archaeology

Tbilisi, Georgia

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Aug 2024

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Archaeological science in Georgia has always been a subject of great attention and care, and it remains the same today. The main reason for this is that Georgia is a wealthy country with archaeological monuments. In the 90s of the twentieth century, the number of students in this field has significantly decreased due to its difficult socio-economic situation. This is inadmissible because many foreign archaeological expeditions are working in Georgia and need well-trained and worthy partners to cooperate with. Also, the main thing is that our archaeologists could conduct independent research and management of archaeological excavations.

The objectives of the Master Program in Archeology corresponds to the mission of Sokhumi State University, as it focuses on establishing national and universal values, promoting the intellectual, moral and cultural development of the society; a logical merging of tradition and innovation, student's personal and professional development; student-oriented teaching and preparing competitive staff.

Our goal is to carry out the work correctly and efficiently or organize activities to bring up a generation of high-class archaeologists. Many things need to be changed relevant to the time and new requirements: teaching level and methodology should be strengthened, improved, and raised, and it should approach the level of European universities. The opportunity to exchange students with foreign universities should be widely used. Archaeology is a discipline that has a wide range of opportunities for students to study abroad or to participate in archaeological excavations.

Today's day necessarily requires significant changes to improve the institution's organization and its material-technical base. It is necessary to deepen working contacts with our foreign colleagues and students, current projects to different local and foreign funds, find sponsors, etc.

The program's strongest quality is close cooperation with the German Institute of Archeology, Tubingen, and Berlin's Free Universities.

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