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Seoul Institute Of The Arts

Seoul Institute Of The Arts


At present, Seoul Institute of the Arts has reached a point where it must rethink and renew the paradigm of art education and creation so far to take another leap forward as a world-class creative-oriented art university. Moreover, facing tremendous changes due to the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Corona pandemic, Seoul Institute of the Arts needs to further strengthen its characterization and globalization in order to develop as a specialized arts educational institution with global competitiveness beyond its current status.

To this end, the Dongrang Arts Center, a school corporation, succeeded the legacy of the founder, Dong-rang, and inherited the philosophy of the honorary chairman, Yoo Deok-hyeong, and Seoul Institute of the Arts established the direction of future art education. We will do our best to lead the development of national culture and arts and globalization through creation.

We ask that all faculty members, students, and alumni all work together as a family so that Seoul Institute of the Arts can grow into a world-class art university with one heart based on the belief and pride of being a 'familiar family'. Thank you.


  • Ansan-si

    Ansan-si, South Korea


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