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Seattle Pacific University College of Arts and Science

Seattle Pacific University College of Arts and Science

Seattle Pacific University College of Arts and Science


The College of Science and Engineering is the most rapidly growing college or school at Seattle University. More than 100 full-time and part-time faculty members offer a relevant, hands-on approach to STEM education to more than 1,250 undergraduate majors and graduate students. Through research and professional development, our professors keep abreast of the latest advances and continually improve degree programs that harmoniously blend theory and practice. Problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration characterize a holistic approach to the education provided to undergraduate and graduate students.

Distinctive elements of our educational process include: a large number of laboratory experiences for science and engineering majors; a thriving undergraduate research program; field trips to a wide variety of natural and man-made wonders; and year-long, industry-sponsored senior projects for all of our engineering and computer science students through the Project Center.

The College provides many opportunities for service learning. Here are just two examples. Through the Seattle University Math Corps and the STEM Club, our students engage with high-need youth at Bailey Gatzert Elementary School. Over the past decade, dozens of Seattle University students, faculty, and staff have participated in humanitarian engineering projects in Thailand, Nicaragua, Haiti, Zambia, and Kenya.

Our location in the dynamic city of Seattle provides many opportunities for students to secure meaningful internships or volunteer opportunities related to their career goals.


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