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School Of Artistic Professions

School Of Artistic Professions

School Of Artistic Professions


We want to train the best professionals in the arts through two unique programs, based on an integrated vision of all disciplines. We are against specialization as a starting point. Start by knowing and practicing the different forms of artistic expression and then you will find your own language in which to deepen.

There is no creation without ideas, nor do you learn to write without first learning to read. We foster your critical spirit, enrich it with a multitude of references and develop your analytical capacity through theoretical subjects, master classes and dialogues with teachers in each field.

All the arts share common structures. Creativity requires approaches from multiple points of view, and therefore our training is multidisciplinary and transversal.

Teaching at SUR is based on practice. Our programs cover the different creative fields in workshops that promote the intertwined use of different forms of expression. We do not want to teach you the arts as separate plots, but rather lean on what they have in common.

SUR's programs have a clear professional orientation. We train artists and teach them to make their passion their way of life, bringing them closer to professional practice in different facets. They will be the best creators and the best professionals in the arts.


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