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Saint Paul University M.A. in Transformative Leadership and Spirituality
Saint Paul University

M.A. in Transformative Leadership and Spirituality

Ottawa, Canada

2 Years


Full time

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CAD 8,302 **

Blended, Distance Learning

* April 1: for International applicants. June 1: for Canadian citizens and permanent residents

** $8,302.32 per term, for full-time international students


The first program of its kind in Canada, the MA in Transformative Leadership and Spirituality offers a progressive, multidisciplinary approach to help you build your capacity as a leader for positive change.

In this Master’s program, you will engage with the latest research on the intellectual, spiritual, personal, and professional dimensions of leadership. Combining a focus on self-reflection and critical thought, you will develop your leadership capacity to mobilize resources to address contemporary systemic challenges and to enact holistic, inclusive, and meaningful change.

You will work with a mentor to enhance your skills in transformative principles applicable to your professional and personal contexts. The sequence of courses is designed to enable you to successfully navigate the dynamic interplay between your inner life and the social world around you and to engage your intellect, imagination, emotions, and values for sustainable change. Your work culminates in a Major Research Paper which allows you to integrate and articulate what you’ve learned on a topic related to transformative leadership and spirituality.

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