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Saint-Etienne School of Economics

Saint-Etienne School of Economics


The vocation of the Jean Monnet Saint-Étienne University School of Economics is to train decision-makers capable of meeting the economic challenges of today and tomorrow. In a context where Big Data and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing economic decision-making, this involves training in these new tools, but above all thinking about their use, taking into account ethical dimensions, questions of equity, environmental or societal issues.

Meeting the economic challenges of today and tomorrow

Saint-Étienne School of Economics (SE²) offers training in economics driven by cutting-edge research at an international level in the field of artificial intelligence, data and public decision-making, in the design and evaluation of public policies and and finally local economic development.

To prepare the economists of tomorrow, it also mobilizes related disciplines in human and social sciences and more particularly geography, computer science, mathematics, data sciences, management sciences, political and legal sciences.

Its vocation is thus to prepare its students for decision-making support professions: diagnosis, evaluation of the impact of economic and social policies, design of solutions for decision-makers, in the fields of digital technology, the environment, health, education.

Backed by the CNRS GATE Lyon Saint-Étienne laboratory, ranked among the best research laboratories in economics in France, SE² thus relies on more than 20 years of experience in training and guarantees close links with professional circles and academic partners.

The missions and values of Saint-Etienne School of Economics

Meet the best international standards

Saint-Étienne School of Economics (SE²) offers training courses offering students a solid core of training in economics in accordance with the best international standards. The openness to multidisciplinarity allows them to go as far as double diploma.

To do this, the school strives to offer interactive pedagogy and individual support based on maintaining a limited workforce. The international dimension is affirmed by a significant proportion of disciplinary courses in English from the license.

Research training allows for the pursuit of thesis studies for those who aspire to professional integration in organizations where the doctorate is the reference diploma. Students are also able to master scientific knowledge in order to promote it in the world of work.

Affiliation with the GATE: a specific and distinctive identity

All Saint-Etienne teacher-researchers from the CNRS GATE Lyon Saint-Étienne laboratory are involved in Saint-Etienne School of Economics , through the courses they provide and / or through research training, in particular through the framing of briefs.

By capitalizing on these specific skills and multidisciplinarity, the courses cultivate a distinctive identity around the areas of collective decision-making, regional development and innovation. The doctorate, seen as the reference diploma for certain fields of excellence outside academic research (consulting, large national and international organizations), is a major challenge for the school.

The SE² school calls on teacher-researchers also from the Camille Jordan Institute, the Hubert Curien Laboratory, the COACTIS laboratory and the Triangle laboratory.

Promote professional integration of students

The vocation of Saint-Étienne School of Economics is to be at the service of the professional integration of its students by providing them with specific skills in professions currently in tension (data science professions) and attractive (economist, analyst, in charge of 'studies, evaluators).

In a societal dynamic where most of the professions of tomorrow do not yet exist, the SE² school helps its students to develop an agility of mind to "learn to learn" as well as to forge closer links with professional circles to meet future needs.

A "school" culture at the service of its students

The Saint-Étienne School of Economics model is based on a strong internationalization of its training courses from undergraduate level (teaching in English, international partnerships) and, as a result, enhanced mobility possibilities. The school also offers a balance between theoretical and practical training with case studies and individual and collective projects facilitating the acquisition of knowledge-concepts, methods and socio-behavioral skills.

It favors promotion sizes ensuring flexibility and proximity, thus allowing students to develop the ability to grasp situations or issues and their ability to work in multidisciplinary teams.


Students wishing to apply to Saint-Étienne School of Economics (SE2) must follow a specific procedure depending on the intended entry point.

Access to the first year of the license:

  • Standard course: access via Parcoursup, by choosing “License in Economics”, Jean Monnet University, Saint-Étienne (35 places).
  • International track: selective access via Parcoursup by choosing “License in Economics, international track”, Jean Monnet University, Saint-Étienne (25 places).
  • Health option: access via Parcoursup, by choosing "Economics License, Health option", Jean Monnet University, Saint-Étienne (30 places).
  • DU Political Sciences and Economics: selective access on application, once the student is admitted to the economics degree via Parcoursup (15 places).
  • Via the Études en France platform for foreign candidates located in countries covered by Campus France.

Access to all other years of study (Bac+2 to bac+5):

  • Via the Études en France platform for foreign candidates located in countries covered by Campus France.
  • Via the eCandidat platform for all other candidates.

Public returning to study or continuing education


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