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Ryutsukeizai University

Ryutsukeizai University


Ryutsu Keizai University was established by Nittsu Gakuen Educational Corporation in 1965. At the time of its establishment, the Japanese economy was riding the wave of rapid economic development and at the dawn of the age of mass production and mass consumption. Yet, distribution and logistics systems were underdeveloped and still immature, which became a major deficiency issue in terms of economic development. The situation was of grave concern, as leaving these problems unresolved would have not only seriously affected the pace of economic development but would have affected the quality of national life at various levels.

With the above described social situations as background, the University was established for the purposes of advancing research in distribution economics, which was one of the immediate key economic issues at the time, to train knowledgeable specialists in the fields, as well as to educate persons capable of contributing to the betterment of social welfare at large.

The University started as a single-department university with only the Economics Department of the Faculty of Economics. In 2006, the Department of Sports Science and Health was opened. Currently, the University has expanded into a medium-sized institution, having 5 faculties and 8 departments, as well as offering 5 postgraduate courses. Our continued endeavor, founded in the principles and purposes of foundation, to identify the direction of future social needs and educate persons capable of making social contributions in various fields resulted in the University expanding in this manner. Today, Japan is becoming an aging society with a declining birth rate. Consequently, more emphasis is beginning to be placed on increased coverage in welfare and the sustentation of a spiritually rich lifestyle. The University will continue to educate and conduct research along its educational principles to train persons that can meet the needs of society.


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