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Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences


Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

About Us

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences has more than 36,000 students and more than 3,500 employees. There are a wide variety of programs to choose from across all educational sectors, with the exception of the agrarian sector. Our education is closely connected to developments in the metropolitan region of Rotterdam.

Our task

At Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, we educate our students towards becoming a professional who makes valuable contributions to society. We do this in Rotterdam; an international and metropolitan environment.

In all that we do our basis is equality. We encourage mutual respect and we work with a focus on emancipation.

Our vision

Each student deserves the best possible higher education. Education in which students are acknowledged and recognized, given equal opportunities, and challenged to reach the highest achievable goal. The teams of lecturers make the difference. Lecturers, researchers, and field professionals learn from and with each other, in order to provide the students with current and challenging educational material. With a diploma from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences in hand, every student is ready for the world of tomorrow.

Vision on Education

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences stands for inclusive, high-quality education. We organize our education to be context-rich. Students, lecturers, researchers, and professionals work together in a work-study environment.

In the education vision of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, we identify characteristics and basic principles of our education. The content and application of that vision are in the hands of the lecturer teams. They realize and organize education that fits their students, the professions that they are educating for, and the identity of their specific study program.

Vision on Applied Research

Collaboration between research centres and study programs is shaping the link between education and applied research.

Together with professional practice, they are developing a common vision of the future in the field. A vision that addresses challenges facing the professional field; challenges that will affect current and future professionals. This vision provides direction for the development of education and the programming of research.

The animation below sketches the basic outlines of the vision and the school’s policy with respect to applied research.

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

An impression of the past, present, and future

A bird’s eye view of our history

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences was founded on 1 January 1988 with the merging of nineteen Boards of educational institutes in Rotterdam, Delft, and Dordrecht.


The WORKplan describes our common values and agreements: offering high-quality, inclusive education that has a strong link to the practice and to applied research. How education will take shape is the responsibility of the study program teams. The teams decide the direction, implementation, and organization of education.

Why study in Holland?

The Netherlands, also known as Holland, is a country that offers global services and has an attitude of openness towards the rest of the world. It is open to conducting business, while also being open socially and culturally. This makes the Netherlands ideally suited for receiving people who seek to enrich their knowledge through studying abroad.

  • You receive high-quality education for a competitive price.
  • You can study both Bachelor's and Master's programs taught completely in English.
  • The Netherlands are great for international business.
  • Personal attention and learning support.
  • It is a safe environment for international students.
  • We are situated in the heart of Europe with easy access to surrounding countries.
  • Holland enjoys a multicultural society.
  • High quality of life.
  • The Netherlands invests heavily in innovation and the creative industries.
  • The Dutch strive to be pioneers in many areas.


RUAS in numbers

The school has 36,000 students and more than 3,500 employees. The fifteen locations of the school are all located near the east to the west metro line of Rotterdam, also known as the Axis of knowledge of the city.

    Campus Features

    Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences has locations all over the city. Almost all of our locations are within easy reach of the same metro line:

    • Academieplein
    • Blaak 10
    • Blaak 555
    • Hillevliet
    • Kralingse Zoom
    • Lloydstraat 35
    • Lloydstraat 300
    • Max Euwelaan
    • Museumpark high building
    • Museumpark low building
    • Pieter de Hoochweg
    • Posthumalaan
    • RDM Campus
    • Rochussenstraat
    • Wijnhaven 61
    • Wijnhaven 99
    • Wijnhaven 103
    • Wijnhaven 107


      • Rotterdam

        Kralingse Zoom 91 3063 ND, , Rotterdam