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Rosario University


Since its foundation an institution "of" and "for" its students (the origin of the College)

Initially, the Founder appointed two Dominican friars as rector and vice-rector respectively, but he reserved the right to appoint the collegiate, who would enjoy a full scholarship and would live in the cloister, up to their degree, for more or less seven years.

The Dominicans, religious brothers of the Founder, understood the donation of the College in an absolute sense and tried to incorporate it as another school in their community. The founder, annoyed, proceeded to revoke the donation and secularize the College, as in effect Dr. Cristóbal de Araque did.

In this way, the tradition originated in Bologna, the alma mater of European universities, of the Universitas scholarium, in which students constituted the base of the institution, different from the Universitas magistrorum, such as that of Paris, was continued in Spanish America.

The Organization Model of the Colegio Mayor del Rosario

It is similar to that of a Colegio Mayor de Salamanca (Spain), also called the Archbishop and currently Fonseca, which translates into a private institution, autonomous and governed by its students, the number schoolboys who, in the manner of the fellows of English schools enjoy full scholarships, elect directors and hold positions of responsibility in the Cloister.


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