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RANEPA- Institute of Business Studies (IBS)

RANEPA- Institute of Business Studies (IBS)

RANEPA- Institute of Business Studies (IBS)


About us

Institute of Business Studies (IBS-Moscow)

Since its inception Institute of Business Studies (IBS-Moscow) within RANEPA has been a leader in the Russian business education market. IBS-Moscow is a collegiate business school operating RANEPA’s premises in Moscow. IBS-Moscow was founded in 1988 within the Moscow State University of International Relations nationally known for strong international expertise. In 1994, IBS-Moscow transferred to RANEPA and became its homogeneous structural unit.

A combination of the international expertise of the Moscow State University of International Relations and RANEPA’s rich experience in preparing capable managers and executives has contributed to the broad recognition of IBS-Moscow in Russia and CIS countries. As a collegiate business school and RANEPA’s structural unit, we have access to the human and material resources required to ensure the high quality of our learning programs. IBS-Moscow of RANEPA is the first and the only business school in Russia to earn AACSB accreditation. Nearly 35,000 of our graduates are active members of the IBS-Moscow Alumni Association. All our degree programs are Russian government-accredited. Our part-time MBA, EMBA, and Master in Management programs are accredited by the Association of Masters in Business Administration (AMBA International).

Our Mission

The mission of IBS is to educate and form the new generation of a socially responsible entrepreneurial and managerial elite of Russia and to advance Russian business education. The oldest and most reputable business school in Russia

  • Founded in 1988.
  • The leader of Russian business-schools rankings.
  • Market-oriented business school (85% of the programs are open programs).
  • Prestigious international and national accreditation.

One of the biggest schools of RANEPA 4 departments, 7 chairs, 4 centers, over 30 programs, 20 double-degree programs. IBS has over 2000 students, 200 faculty members, and 35000 alumni.

International and National recognition All EMBA and MBA programs of IBS have the international accreditation of AMBA International and National Accreditation Council for Management and Business education (NACBME), which are at top positions in business schools rankings.

IBS is at the top of business school rankings Eduniversal Ranking: 2011-2018. Russian national business schools ranking: 2012 -2018. 181 IBS graduates and faculty are included in the “ТОП-1000 Russian managers” list. In the internal RANEPA rating, IBS is in the top group of RANEPA business schools, and its EMBA and MBA programs have the highest rating of 6 stars.

A complete cycle of undergraduate and postgraduate programs From bachelor programs to executive education. The total number of students and participants at the bachelor, master, МВА, Executive МВА, and professional retraining programs exceeds 2000.

Change, but stay true to yourself The key factor that ensures IBS’s leading positions is the ability to change, at the same time staying true to itself - adapt to the changing environment of the educational market, keeping up the best traditions and high quality of its programs. The academic consultant for MBA programs of IBS is Ichak Adizes, one of the world’s leading experts in leadership and management.

Over 35 000 alumni, the IBS Alumni association was created to facilitate communication and cooperation with and between alumni. Today IBS alumni association unites highly-qualified Russian leaders, managers, and professionals, that have graduated from IBS since 1988.

Market-oriented business-school IBS postgraduate programs boast close relations with leading companies, who also contribute to consulting and research projects. This allows IBS to immediately identify new trends and stay tuned to the demands of the market. IBS is primarily oriented at middle and large businesses, that form the basis of Russia’s civil society. IBS programs are highly regarded by Russian market-oriented businesses (85% of IBS students come from the open market).

IBS-Moscow is an active member of associations:

  • AACSB International
  • Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS)
  • EFMD
  • Executive MBA Council (EMBAC)
  • General Management Admission Council (GMAC)
  • IBSA
  • National Accreditation Council for Business and Management education (NACBME)
  • Russian Association of business education (RABE)
  • Russian Managers’ Association


IBS has recently achieved accreditation of its business programs by AACSB International. As a result of this achievement, the school has established a chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma.

It gives additional opportunities for employment in foreign companies to our graduates, making them even more competitive in the global labor market. A business school with AACSB accreditation gets the right to recommend 20% of the best MBA/EMBA students and 10% of the best students of bachelor's and master's programs to the international base of talented managers, which has been maintained by the AACSB partner organization in Europe - Beta Gamma Sigma.

Beta Gamma Sigma was founded as a national organization on February 19, 1913. The first national honor society in business was a merger of three separate societies established to honor academic achievement in business at the University of Wisconsin, University of Illinois, and the University of California.

With collegiate chapters on six continents, Beta Gamma Sigma today is truly an international society that remains dedicated to recognizing the most outstanding students of business and management. The Society serves business schools accredited by AACSB International in the 21st century knowing that its membership of more than 830,000 comprises the brightest and best of the world’s business leaders.


  • Rating Eduniversal TOP Business School Since 2014 IBS has been ranked in the 4 palms of Excellence category TOP Business School.
  • Financial Times IBS is #58 in the Financial Times European Business Schools 2020 ranking.
  • Eduniversal EMBA According to the Eduniversal rating agency in 2016-2020 IBS programs are among the world’s best programs. For five successive years, IBS Executive MBA in Strategic Management and Leadership has been ranked among the Top-10 EMBA programs in Eastern Europe. MBA was ranked among the Top- 10 MBA programs in Eastern Europe in 2016-2017 according to Eduniversal.
  • Eduniversal Master in International management IBS Master in International Management was ranked in the Eduniversal Best Masters in Eastern Europe in the 2015-2020 list. For five successive years, IBS Master in International Management has been ranked among the Top- 10 Master programs in Eastern Europe.
  • For ten years in a row, IBS has been at the top of Russia’s national business schools rating! The Institute of Business Studies is at the top of rating charts in the “income increase” and “career advancement” categories. The national rating of Russian business schools is conducted by the Russian MBA Alumni League and a national-wide recruiting agency and was published by Izvestia newspaper in 2010-2014, Secret Firmy portal in 2015, and RBK news portal in 2016 - 2020, Business FM in 2021.
  • The increase in personal income of IBS graduates is the fastest in Russia. According to independent studies of a national-wide recruiting agency and the Russian MBA Alumni League, an MBA degree contributes to considerable career advancement and personal income increase. IBS MBA degree is at the top of the rating list. IBS graduates’ personal income has increased on average by 69% within 2-4 years after graduation. The results of the study were published by,, and web portals.
  • Rating of the Russian Managers’ Association "Top 1,000 Russian Managers" On an individual level, between 2001 and 2020, 181 IBS graduates and teachers were cited by the Russian Managers’ Association in their "Top 1,000 Russian Managers" reviews. This provides impartial evidence of the effectiveness of IBS programs.



  • over 33 years in the education
  • 4 departments
  • 7 chairs
  • 4 centers
  • over 30 programs
  • 20 double-degree programs
  • over 2000 students
  • 200 faculty members
  • Over 35000 alumni

    Campus Features

    Studying in Moscow

    Moscow is central to Russia both geographically and historically. Moscow is a historic town which is more than 869 years old. As the capital today, it is the center of politics and of the changes that are sweeping the country. But first of all, Moscow is the symbolic heart of the vast land of Russia. Studying in Moscow offers students the fascinating opportunity to see both the effects of the past and the promise of the future.

    Each year Moscow welcomes talented students, at both undergraduate and graduate levels, from all over the globe. Studying in such a global city as Moscow has many advantages. You’ll establish an international network of friends and enjoy an exciting social life.

    Student life in Moscow will certainly bring unforgettable impressions. The city offers a staggering selection of sights and experiences, from bohemian and underground cafes and nightclubs to the finest restaurants, opera and ballet theaters, historic palaces, and cathedrals.

    The amazing history of the city can be seen in such places as the Kremlin, which features monuments from the different ruling powers over the ages. The city is famous for its selection of museums, theaters, public libraries, and concert halls. Wonderful art museums are spread throughout the city such as the Tretyakov Gallery, which houses the world's best collection of Russian icons and an impressive collection of pre-revolutionary Russian art.


    Campus facilities include a modern administrative and residential complex comfortably located in the South-Western district of Moscow. The complex is made up of three academic buildings comprising 120.000 square meters of classroom space, administrative buildings, two hotels, and two dormitories with a total of 1.300 single and double rooms.

    Our students and staff have access to several libraries. The library stock comprises more than 1,200,000 items in Russian and foreign languages, including books, doctorate, candidate of science and students’ theses and dissertations, and periodicals.

    The classrooms are equipped with all necessary devices and facilities including TV sets, flip charts, multimedia projectors, LCD projectors, computers, and videoconferencing equipment. IBS provides students and faculty with access to a wide range of databases and information resources. Students and faculty have Wi-Fi access to the Internet from anywhere on campus, including the dormitories.

    The campus also has a sports and fitness complex with a gym, a gymnastics training facility, a sports hall, a swimming pool, a sauna, an open-air sports ground, and tennis courts. Both the students and the faculty and staff of IBS may use the services of a medical center and medical laboratories, located on campus, with general practitioners, medical specialists, dentists, and nurses.


      Exchange students are nominated by their home Universities according to a procedure, stipulated in agreements between IBS and their Universities. Applications deadlines (unless otherwise indicated in the agreement between Universities) is the 15th of May for the first semester and the 30th of October for the second semester.

      Information on the available courses for bachelor and master exchange students as well as application procedure for degree-seeking master students can be found on our website.

      Senior bachelor students can also choose master courses, that are delivered in English. Russian-speaking exchange students can attend courses, delivered in Russian. There might be prerequisites to attending master's courses.

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