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Union University - School of Computing Master in Computational Finance
Union University - School of Computing

Master in Computational Finance

Belgrade, Serbia

1 Years


Full time

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Oct 2024

EUR 6,000 *


* Unemployed students have 50% discount | Students who completed the Short-Cycle MCF don't pay tuition fee


The Master in Computational Finance (MCF) program creates a new type of financial experts. They combine strong problem-solving skills with advanced knowledge of finance. They handle and extract useful information from exponentially growing available data, receive firm grounding in relevant math and statistical modeling and create working prototypes in popular programming languages such as Python and R. In addition, participants implement and test their trading and hedging strategies on a realistic trading simulator.

Upon the completion of the Master degree program one receives Master in Computer Science - Computational Finance degree from the School of Computing, Union University. If one wants to just complete the coursework without writing the Master thesis, or if one has completed, say, a 3-year academic program, one can enroll into the Master in Computational Finance (MCF) Short Cycle program.

Program Mission

Our mission is to create a world-class program in computational finance in Belgrade, Serbia which facilitates the development of high-value-added activities combining finance and technology in South East Europe and around the world. We envision our program as a center of excellence where banks, fintech companies, institutional investors and other companies and institutions can significantly enhance the expertise of their employees as well as find the most talented and motivated young people with a unique mix of skills.

The program integrates the knowledge and experience of finance professionals and academics educated at the leading European and American universities with the expertise in the area of computer science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is carried out in English.


The MCF program is taught by the prominent faculty with PhDs from the leading international universities and significant practical experience. The Advisory Board consists of distinguished professionals working with prestigious financial institutions in the United States and Europe. These features connect the program with the world best practices and ensure its relevance.


The coursework lasts approximately 12 months and is taught in English. It commences by remedial training in programming (Python and R), math and probability, using examples from finance and economics. After that, participants complete 5 required and 2 out of 4 elective courses. Students interested in receiving a Master in Computational Finance certificate from Collegio Carlo Alberto need to complete additional two online elective courses from the Collegio.


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