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Prague University of Economics and Business - Faculty of Economics

Prague University of Economics and Business - Faculty of Economics

Prague University of Economics and Business - Faculty of Economics


The Prague University of Economics and Business (VSE), founded in 1953, is the largest public university in the field of economics and business in the Czech Republic. VSE has six faculties offering applicants a broad spectrum of bachelor, master, PhD and MBA study programmes. Five faculties are located in the centre of Prague – the Faculty of Finance and Accounting, the Faculty of International Relations, the Faculty of Business Administration, the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics and the Faculty of Economics. The Faculty of Management is located in the town of Jindrichuv Hradec. Studies at VSE meet the requirements of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).

Currently, there are about 14,000 students at VSE. VSE offers bachelor’s degree study programmes in Czech, English, and Russian; master’s degree study programmes are offered in Czech and English. Since 2007, there has been a Centre for Students with Special Needs at VSE (former Centre for Disabled Students).

Study at VSE

Many significant Czech and foreign economists have obtained the university’s honoris causa title; these include, for instance, the Nobel Prize winners Prof. Robert A. Mundell, Prof. Milton Friedman, and Prof. Gary S. Becker. The classes taught at VSE are guaranteed and provided by more than 600 qualified academics and business experts. Besides the specialized courses, VSE stresses foreign language studies. VSE students can take classes in English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Chinese.

VSE provides its students with a high-quality study environment and conditions. The university library contains more than 430 thousand books and 330 journals and provides access to numerous electronic databases with e-journals and periodicals on a broad range of topics. Students may use hundreds of computer stations on campus, a wireless network, or the modern Integrated Study Information System (InSIS). For students who do not come from Prague, there are almost 4,000 beds available at the university’s dormitory facilities.

The university has its own sports facilities. Students may use the modern, multipurpose sports arena which was opened in 2009. The gym has a surface of 1,400 m2 and is sufficient for three volleyball or two basketball courts, handball, floorball, indoor football, and other sports. There is an artificial climbing wall and a rehabilitation exercise room. At the dormitory facility area, there is an artificial turf football field. Summer and winter sports courses are organized too.

VSE supports many student clubs and activities. Examples of these activities include a choir, a chamber orchestra, a folklore group, a film club, a theatre group, and student journals. International student organizations are present and there is a wide range of interest associations at VSE too.


The VSE mission is to provide both Czech and foreign students with excellent higher education within a wide range of managerial, economic and informatics as well as other degree programmes at the Bachelor´s, Master´s and doctoral levels to offer them very good opportunities in the international labour market. Degree programmes are taught by highly qualified, competent, and motivated university teachers.

The VSE systematically develops its scientific and research activities, including the preparation of students in doctoral degree programmes whilst respecting the indivisibility of pedagogical activities and scientific research. As a consequence, the VSE is an internationally recognised professional workplace and a partner for cooperation with governmental and non-governmental institutions and the business sector.

The VSE value priorities include openness to new ideas and approaches. The university endeavours to support collegial partnerships within the academic community and defends the free expression of opinions and ideas. The Prague University of Economics and Business is a socially responsible institution leading its students towards ethical behaviour as well as social and environmental responsibility regarding contemporary challenges of the globalising world and aspects relating to economic and social life.

The VSE mission is based on the following values:

  • long-term efforts to achieve high-quality pedagogical, scientific and research activities;
  • internationalization of the academic environment as a fundamental prerequisite of competitiveness of students and academic staff;
  • development of academic fellowship whilst respecting academic freedoms and self-government;
  • traditional moral values of the free and democratic society;
  • responsibility toward society and its sustainable socioeconomic development.


The aim/vision of the VSE is to assume the role of a leader in the market of managerial, economic and informatics education in Central European countries. The VSE wants to be a sought-after research university respected internationally providing elite Bachelor´s, Master´s and doctoral education in managerial, economics, informatics and other related areas at all faculties as well as excellent programmes of life-long education designed for top managers. The VSE wishes to produce graduates who will possess the potential to strengthen, within their professional activities, the wide social, moral, and environmental responsibility in society.


The Faculty of Economics Specialises in Preparing Highly Qualified Economists for Positions in Both the Private and Public Spheres, Both Domestically and Abroad. Students Can Study a Wide Spectrum of Courses from Various Disciplines, Such as Economics, Law, History, and Others. Many Distinguished Personalities from Both the Business World and Public Administration Lecture at The Faculty.

Seven Reasons to Study at Faculty of Economics

International Quality of Education

You Do Not Have to Go to The West for A Quality Education – Study in The Center of Prague on An International Level Under the Guidance of Renowned Professors and Experts from Around the World. We Are More Demanding, but It Pays Off! #joinus

Application in The Private and Public Sector

The Successes of Our Graduates Are Proof of Their Wide Application with Education from The Faculty of Economics. Let Us Start Your Great Career in Business or The Public Sector with Us in Positions Which Others Cannot Reach! Unlike Other Universities, Our Education and Our Approach to Teaching Gives You a Broad View, an Understanding of Complex Processes, and The Art of Making Important Decisions. Let’s Join Us!

International Environment

Most of The Lectures Are in English, so You Will Not Have a Problem with the Language. In addition, Half of The Students at Vše Are from Abroad, Giving You a Unique Opportunity to Meet New Friends from All Over the World! Come and Discover the World with Us!

Science and Research

Our Researchers Create World-Class Research, Solve Large Grants, and Give Lectures at Prestigious Conferences. They Push the Boundaries of Knowledge and Pass It on To Students. Let’s Become Part of Scientific Teams Already During Your Studies!


We Connect Our Teachers with Students, as well as Students with Each Other. The network You Will Build During the Study Will Become an Invaluable Advantage in your subsequent Career. You and Your Classmates Will Soon Become Successful CE Os and Managers, It Will Be an Advantage to Know Each Other!


We Have Long Been One of The Three Best Faculties of Economics in The Czech Republic According to Student and Professional Rankings! at The Same Time, We Appreciate Inspiring Personalities: You Can Also Meet Nobel Prize Winners Here!

Study and Practice

Everyone Knows that Connecting Study and Practice Is in Today’s World a Necessity. This Is Why We Offer Lectures by Successful Experts from The Private and Public Spheres and We Support Students’ Internships. You Also Can Compile a Schedule According to Your Time Needs so That You Can Gain Work Experience Already During Your Studies.


The application process opens every year on December 1 and closes on April 30. However, some programs differ in the deadlines (check out the section “News” or “Important dates” where all important information is listed).

Would you like to find out more information? Don’t hesitate to consult the webpage for:

  • Bachelor programmes
  • Master programmes
  • MBA programmes
  • Ph.D. programmes


The application fee for all bachelor and master programs is 50 EUR (1,300 CZK) and has to be paid through the Information System after registering the E-application. The administration fee is non-refundable.

To be admitted at VŠE, the entrance exams have to be passed successfully. These exams have various requirements depending on a specific program. It is highly suggested to consult the websites of programs to check the details first or you can download a leaflet where all requirements are listed.

Evaluation of Previous Studies

If you have earned your Bachelor's/Master's degree in Economics or a similar field, the nostrification can be done at the Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE).

VŠE as a higher education institution that was awarded institutional accreditation is, under Section 48 (4) to (6) of the Act on Higher Education Institutions, entitled not to require within the admission procedure a document on the general recognition of equivalence of education gained abroad and may itself, for the admission procedure, assess whether the applicant’s education attained abroad meets the legal condition for admission to studies.

Visa Requirements

The project “Student Mode” is the concept of visa facilitation for students-foreigners from selected third countries who are admitted to study at higher education institutions in the Czech Republic.

By being enrolled in the Student Mode, students have an opportunity to get a Visa appointment date preferentially.

It is necessary to submit all the required documents during the interview, otherwise, the student will be removed from the Student Mode.

Scholarships and Funding

VŠE does not offer any scholarships nor financial assistance – apart from merit-based scholarships.


International Ranking

VŠE is ranked by the Financial Times annually and has already been appraised for several years by the Eduniversal Ranking project as one of the best “business schools” in Central and Eastern Europe.


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